Score wins District 4 seat on Dunn County Board

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE   —  Ronald P. Score of Boyceville has won the April 3 election for the District 4 position on the Dunn County Board.

Score, a lifelong resident of Dunn County who works as a supervisor for WestCAP in the weatherization department, gathered 112 votes.

Pamela Powers of Boyceville, also a candidate for the District 4 position, received 88 votes.

[emember_protected] Powers was a reporter covering Dunn County for the Eau Claire Leader Telegram for nearly 30 years and now works for the UW-Stout news bureau.

District 4 includes the Town of Otter Creek, the Village of Wheeler and parts of the Town of Hay River and the Town of Tainter.

Steve Rasmussen of Boyceville, who served as the supervisor for District 4 for 28 years — 12 of them as chair of the Dunn County Board — decided not to run for re-election.

In addition to Rasmussen, other county board members who filed notifications of non-candidacy by the December deadline were Jerome Prochnow from Menomonie (county board supervisor for District 24); Richard Creaser from Menomonie (District 28); Paul DeLong from Menomonie (District16); Timothy C. Mather from Menomonie (District 13).

All vote totals reported here are considered unofficial totals and will not become official until they have been certified by the Board of Canvassers.

Calvin Christianson, incumbent county board supervisor from Menomonie for District 10, was challenged in the April 3 election by Michael P. Rogers.

Rogers gathered 89 votes, while Christianson received 84 votes.

Randy L. Prochnow was on the ballot for District 24 to replace Jerome (Pete) Prochnow and received 226 votes.

Kitz Cleary was on the ballot for District 13 to replace Tim Mather and received 207 votes.

No candidates

District 16, represented by Paul DeLong, did not have any candidates on the ballot.

Four people each received one write-in vote for the District 16 position: Randy Eide, Michael Screnock, Ron Swanson and Michael Scott.  

Randy Eide is the director of public works in Menomonie but reportedly does not live in District 16.

Michael Screnock was on the ballot as a candidate for the state Supreme Court in the April 3 election.

Although there is no way of knowing who the voter meant, Ron Swanson is the son of former UW-Stout Chancellor Robert Swanson, but a man named Ron Swanson also was a character on an NBC television series, “Parks and Recreation.”

Scott is a relatively common name in the Chippewa Valley, and a Michael Scott is listed in the telephone directory with an address in Chippewa Falls. A man named Michael Scott also was a character on the NBC television series, “The Office.”

District 28, represented by Richard Creaser, did not have any candidates on the ballot as well.

Tim C. Lienau, who registered as a write-in candidate, received 49 write-in votes for District 28.

Christopher Smith received two write-in votes for District 28.

The following people each received one vote for District 28: John Thompson, Jacob Blum, Robyn Thibado, Dale Lyon, Caleb Woodhull and Rebecca Woodhull.

Other districts

In the remaining supervisory districts on the Dunn County Board, the following incumbents were on the ballot for the April 3 election:

• District 1 — Brian Johnson of Colfax (200 votes).

• District 2 — David Bartlett of Boyceville (209 votes).

• District 3 — Vaughn Hedlund of Boyceville (121 votes).

• District 5 — Gary Stene of Colfax (170 votes).

• District 6 — Jim Zons of Colfax (142 votes).

• District 7 — Gary Bjork of Colfax (167 votes).

• District 8 — Charles Maves of Boyceville (195 votes).

• District 9 — Thomas Quinn of Downing (184 votes).

• District 11 — James R. Anderson of Menomonie (162 votes).

• District 12 — Michael Kneer of Menomonie (182 votes).

• District 14 — Theresa Lyall of Menomonie (149 votes).

• District 15 — Donald O. Kuether of Menomonie (73 votes).

• District 17 — Kelly McCullough of Menomonie (32 votes).

• District 18 — Sheila D. Stori of Menomonie (137 votes).

• District 19 — Carl Vandermeulen of Menomonie (24 votes).

• District 20 — Mary S. Solberg of Menomonie (83 votes).

• District 21 — Diane L. Morehouse of Menomonie (119 votes).

• District 22 — Sarah Kennedy of Menomonie (223 votes).

• District 23 — James Tripp of Menomonie (224 votes).

• District 25 — Elton Christopherson of Elk Mound (140 votes).

• District 26 — Larry R. Bjork of Menomonie (139 votes).

• District 27 — Dale Harschlip of Mondovi (189 votes).

• District 29 — Gary W. Seipel of Eau Galle (183 votes). [/emember_protected]