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17 candidates receive write-in votes for open seat on Colfax Village Board

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  — All together, 17 write-in candidates — including Daffy Duck —  received votes in the April 3 election for one position on the Colfax Village Board that did not officially have a candidate.

Village trustees Carey Davis and Mark Halpin both filed nomination papers with the Colfax administrator-clerk-treasurer’s office by the deadline in January.

Incumbent Village Trustee Casey Rihn did not file nomination papers by the January deadline but also did not file a notification of non-candidacy by the deadline in December.

In a conversation with the Colfax Messenger several days after the filing deadline, Rihn said he had carefully considered whether he should run for re-election and then eventually decided not to take out nomination papers.

Rihn coaches youth basketball, and his children are active in playing youth basketball. Rihn said he was not comfortable with not being able to give a 100 percent effort to serving on the village board.

All vote totals reported here are considered unofficial totals and will not become official until they have been certified by the Board of Canvassers.

In the April 3 election, Davis received 110 votes, and Halpin received 120 votes.

As for the write-in candidates, Margaret Burcham received 10 votes.

The second-highest vote tally for the write-in candidates was Chris Olson with five votes.

Four candidates each received two write-in votes: Jim Nosker, Sydney Tanner, Terry Moen and Alisa King.

Eleven candidates each received one write-in vote each: Ron Hodgson, Rick Johnson, Mike Boyd, Sally Johnson, Daffy Duck, Matt Osterberg, Ron Swartz, Alexander Buckley, Richard Olson, Chad Berge and Margie Ryan.

EM village board

Three candidates were on the ballot for three positions on the Elk Mound Village Board in the April 3 election.

Paula Turner received 71 votes; Greg Kipp received 62 votes; and Rebecca Livingston received 69 votes.

Colfax school board

Two incumbents on the Colfax Board of Education filed nomination papers by the January 2 deadline for the April 3 election for two positions on the school board: Ken Neuburg and Kyle Knutson.

Kyle Knutson received 497 votes, and Ken Neuburg received 384 votes.

EM school board

Two incumbent candidates were on the ballot for the Elk Mound Board of Education.

Mark G. Oas received 385 votes, and Gary Bodenburg received 404 votes.