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Pharmacy vouchers available for those in need

The Community Foundation of Dunn County is offering pharmacy vouchers related to diabetes and cancer care for underserved and uninsured individuals in Dunn County and surrounding areas.

The Cammie B. Johnson Diabetic Care Fund was established at the Community Foundation by the family of Cammie B. Johnson, a young woman who passed away just before her 21st birthday from complications of diabetes.  In 2016, the Diabetic Care Fund began issuing pharmacy vouchers with the help of Pharmacist Chad Rindy of The Medicine Shoppe in Menomonie, WI to support residents in and around Dunn County living with Type 1 or Type II Diabetes who are experiencing difficulties accessing supplies because they are low income, uninsured, between insurances, or struggling to cover their out-of-pocket expenses.  To date, 27 Diabetic Care Vouchers have been issued, providing over $7,900 in urgent diabetic medication and supplies.  Visit to find out more about Cammie Johnson and how her family and friends are raising funds and awareness each year in her memory. 

New this year, the Community Foundation is also offering pharmacy vouchers related to cancer care.  The Garding Against Cancer Fund was established by the UW-Madison Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Greg Gard and his wife Michelle.  Coach Gard tragically lost his father to brain cancer in 2015 and has since organized a series of exhibition basketball games and “Garding Against Cancer” events across Wisconsin to raise funds and awareness for cancer care and research.  In September 2017, a Garding Against Cancer event was held with UW-Stout, and proceeds from the program are now being used to fund pharmacy vouchers for area residents being treated for cancer who are experiencing difficulties affording medication.  Pictured is Coach Greg Gard with members of the UW-Stout Men’s Basketball Team.  More information about the Gards and their commitment to cancer research and care can be found at    

Eligible patients in need simply complete a short form available upon request from area physicians and participating pharmacies.  Patients submit the form to receive a voucher to purchase the medication and/or supplies they need related to diabetes or cancer, up to $500 per voucher.  There is no wait period or approval process.  The vouchers are currently available through The Medicine Shoppe of Menomonie, WI, Mayo Clinic Health System – Red Cedar Pharmacy, and Spring Valley Drug.  Visit for complete details.