Three golfers return to Colfax team

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  —  Colfax High School golf team coach Mike Dombrowski is pleased to have three golfers returning this spring.

“Richard Stehling and Treyton Tiege have played for four years and are our best golfers. They are high quality kids, too, and hard workers,” said Dombrowski, who is in his second season of coaching golf.

“I am also expecting sophomore Boden Bergeson, who played last year, to do well,” he said.

Only one golf team member graduated in the spring of 2017.

“Trenton Anderson played varsity but was our four-five, so not much lost,” Dombrowski said.

“Spencer Herrick and Jon Welk are both new guys this year as seniors. Also, Hunter Rebak as a freshman looks like he can contribute to the team,” he said.

The Colfax golf team did not win any conference matches last year and placed sixth in each conference tournament out of six teams, Dombrowski said.

The strengths for this year’s golf team are, “we have four seniors, but only two of them have played,” he said.

“Our goal is not to be competitive in the mid-pack of the conference matches. We are also trying to build our program as far as numbers go, so we’ll be looking to add some younger players hopefully,” Dombrowski said.

Spring Valley, Durand and Glenwood City will be the top teams this year, he said.

“They are all good teams from last year that return good players,” Dombrowski said.

The Colfax golf team has four seniors: Stehling, Tiege, Herrick and Welk.

Sophomores on the team are Bergeson and also Dalton Bradford.

Rebak is the only freshman on the golf team.