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GCHS/MS February Students of the Month

Glenwood City High/Middle School is proud to announce the February Students of the Month. Initiative was the trait identified for the February selection; individuals who are driven to make things happen – those who refuse to sit back and allow life to happen to them. The two students recognized in February help to break the stereotype that life happens and they are helpless to do anything about it that is often associated with the current generation of student. The students could be categorized as do-ers – individuals who are going to be active participants in their respective journeys.

The February Student of the Month at Glenwood City High School was sophomore Kaitlin Lee. Ms. Holter nominated Kaitlin, recognizing, “Kaitlin has taken the initiative to turn a writing assignment from her 8th grade year into a 252-page historical fiction novel. Kaitlin and I have been editing it, and she has found a publisher to send it to for review. It takes a lot of drive, determination, and self-motivation to complete a writing piece this large. Kaitlin has also taken the initiative to start creating another book.” Kaitlin is the daughter of Sheila and Chad Lee.

The February Student of the Month at Glenwood City Middle School was sixth grader, Ryeah Oehlke. Mr. Schutz submitted the nomination of Ryeah, stating, “Ryeah has the ability to assess what’s happening in the classroom and take care of situations around her. Ryeah is most helpful when working with peers that are hyperactive, and with those that struggle academically. I don’t often have to intervene with students that are having a hard time focusing if they are sitting near, or working with, Ryeah; she has this quiet way of getting them to refocus. Initiative means to take charge, and Ryeah gets everyone she is working with involved and makes sure they have an understanding of what’s going on. Many students with initiative leave others behind to move themselves forward, but not Ryeah. Ryeah has the self-motivation to make those around her better. Ryeah is the daughter of Bridget and Matthew Oehlke.

Students of the Month are rewarded by having a lunch provided for them and a friend as well as being issued a unique piece of Hilltopper apparel. In addition, students are provided with preferential parking (for them or a family member) for all school events.

The staff at Glenwood City High/Middle School would also like to recognize the following students who were nominated for the January Student of the Month as well – Logan Bazille (2021 – Ms. Kjellberg), Tressa Peskar (2019 – Mr. Lamb), Emma Hindes (2018 – Ms. Laffin), and Henry Wallin (2021 – Mr. Wannemacher).