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Colfax students compete in district solo/ensemble at Glenwood City

GLENWOOD CITY — More than a dozen Colfax High School students competed in the district solo and ensemble event at Glenwood City High School on March 5.

Earning starred-first (I*) ratings and advancing to state competition were Caroline Dworak-vocal solo; Caroline Dworak- music theatre solo; Trey Hovde-vocal solo; Trey Hovde-music theatre solo; Leslie Ritenour-vocal solo; Leslie Ritenour-music theatre solo; Hunter Larson-vocal solo; Hunter Larson-music theatre solo; Tate Russell-vocal solo; Tate Russell-music theatre solo; Tate Russell-piano solo; Caden Erickson-vocal solo; Edward Doerr-vocal solo; Drew Gibson-vocal solo; Wesley Kallstrom-vocal solo; Cassidy Reitz-piano solo; Aza Knaack-bass clarinet solo; Cassidy Reitz, Erica Kallstrom, Wesley Kallstrom-piano trio; Erica Kallstrom, Wesley Kallstrom-piano duet; High School Guys’ Vocal Ensemble; High School Show Choir.

Earning first ratings in class A were Caden Erickson-music theatre solo; Allison Tuschl-vocal solo.

Earning second ratings in class A were Tanner Nierenhausen-trumpet solo; Rachel Knutson-vocal solo; Eddie Doerr-music theatre solo; Drew Gibson-music theatre solo; Erica Kallstrom-piano solo; Tate Russell, Cassidy Reitz-piano duet.

Earning first ratings in class B were the HS Jazz Band; Caden Erickson-saxophone solo.

Earning second ratings in class B was Pierce Harvey, Nate Lee-vocal dueto.

Earning third ratings in class B was Allison Tuschl, Kobi Flodquist-vocal duet.