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Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-21-2018

News for the week of March 11th to the 17th: 

If you’ve noticed that there has been no news from the Big Yellow House the last couple of weeks, that was due to a flu bug that made its way throughout the wings.  During this time, most activities were kept to a minimum. We are now happy to announce, the BUG HAS LEFT THE BUILDING and activities are back in full swing!!!

The Green Leaf Crafters were happy to get together for some crafting again on Monday. We began working on a project that would get us thinking about spring. We decorated miniature hats with brightly colored lace and flowers and turned them into refrigerator magnets. We are offering these adorable hats for sale to staff and visitors. 

Tuesday morning activities included a turtle named Tommy and some bean bags. Add some residents and it makes for an hour of bean bag tossing fun. The object of the game is to stick as many bean bags in the big point’s areas of Tommy’s shell. The afternoon found our Bingo enthusiasts in the Square. All went away with bags full of treats. With Michelle, Patty and Eileen here to help, the afternoon always goes smoothly. 

Wednesday morning, Pastor Barb Koch led us in our weekly church service. We enjoyed her inspiring message, and also singing along to our favorite hymns as she accompanies us on the guitar. Leona was here once again as she came for the service and helped those who needed find the songs in their books. JC Colby entertained us in the afternoon. He always draws a crowd as his beautiful voice and talented guitar playing echoes our favorite country western songs throughout the halls.  

Thursday morning, some residents gathered in the East Dining Room for our weekly volleyball tournament. Others gathered in the Square to plant seeds in the self-watering containers that we made. In the afternoon residents gathered in the Square for our monthly black out bingo. We played four rounds, which meant four residents went away the big winners and split a pot of over forty dollars. Those that left empty handed said they can’t wait to play again next month as maybe it will be their turn to win. 

The Catholics gathered for our Friday morning rosary group led by Loretta. Later in the Square we held Gospel Sing a Long. We love picking out our favorite hymns to sing. Bruce and Kathy led us in this hour of music and prayer. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week.

Highlights of next weeks’ activities include Sunday afternoon Bingo with the 22ers 4 H group, music by Dale Martel, Wednesday morning Breakfast Club featuring stuffed French toast and to end the week, and a lunch outing to our favorite Chinese restaurant. 

Until next week, Barb Stobb, Activity Director