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Reusch to run for position on St. Croix County board of supervisors

submitted by Bill Reusch candidate for Dist. 19

My name is Bill Reusch and I am a conservative candidate running for St. Croix County board of supervisors in district 19. This district includes the towns of Cady 1, Springfield 1, Eau Galle 1 and 2, and the villages of Woodville, 1 and 2, Wilson 1, and Spring Valley 3.

My wife Sue and I have lived on a beef farm north of Wilson since 1985. I grew up on a dairy farm in the Glenwood City area and graduated high school there. We are Traditional Catholic and have 7 children who still live in the area with 2 of them still going to school in Spring Valley. I had my own livestock transportation business and trucked nationwide for many years. Currently, beside running a herd of Angus beef cows, I operate a sign shop in Knapp. My wife Sue has been a stay at home mom and also worked out of the home, currently working at Loparex in Hammond. I was also the Town Chair for the Town of Springfield for 6 years.

The reason I want to get involved again in the political process is because of the excessive spending that has taken place in our county these last few years. I noticed on my last property tax bill an increase of 7% on my county portion. After further research I discovered that the taxes have increased 19% in the last 4 years. The County budget has increased 34% in this same period.

Last year the Board voted to build a new county maintenance facility south of Baldwin. I have heard that the building will be two and a half times the size of Lambeau field. The cost to the taxpayers will be 27+ million dollars totaling 38+ million when financing is included.

I am not against improvements at the county shop and offices but think that it should have been handled differently. The board did have an opportunity to vote to send it to a referendum but voted it down. I realize that the board has the authority to borrow money, but an amount this large might be better decided by the taxpayers. The board also talks of how desirable the property in Hammond is to prospective buyers. As old as that facility is, you have to have concerns about asbestos and soil contamination. Don’t you think it might be wise to get a buyer lined up first? Hopefully it doesn’t end up sitting empty like the schools in Woodville and Glenwood and other properties in the county. The current supervisor voted for the new facility. I would have voted to have the referendum.

I also would have liked to see more input from the guys that actually work in the shop. I bet a group of them could have drawn something up as to what is really needed and then take it to the architects/ engineers. Most of these people are residents in the county and don’t want to see money spent foolishly, raising their taxes.

Also, at a time when our roads are in need of serious repair, why in the world would we want to spend between 33 and 70 million dollars for a bike/ped path plan. If there was ever a good time to use the word unsustainable, ( I hate this word) this is it. The plan calls for 2, 4 foot paved shoulders, along the designated routes. This will then add to maintenance costs over the years. Our current supervisor voted in favor of this plan. I would have absolutely voted against it.

Some other issues that may be coming before the new board this year are the following.

1. Discussion on making St. Croix County a sanctuary county. I would be against this.

2. A county wide metro style bus transit system that would be funded 90% by the taxpayer. The county has no business getting involved in something that belongs in the private sector. I would vote against this. Let it be known that I am not against current van services available to our elderly and disabled residents.

3. The current board has ideas of passing a minimum living wage ordinance. I am also against this.

As you can see the implementation of these issues will continue to raise your taxes. So far, since 2014 the county has borrowed $65,000,000. The County nursing home has been operating at a $1,000,000 loss per year. Most of the tax and spend board members have someone running against them that will put a stop to this out of control nonsense. Here is a list of the candidates and their districts that need our support on April, 3 if you want to bring some sanity to St. Croix County.

Dist. 2 Scott Nordstrom

Dist. 3 Lynda Miller

Dist. 4 Tom Coulter

Dist. 5 Carla Stream

Dist. 6 Bob Long

Dist. 7 Rory O’Sullivan

Dist. 8 Dan Fosterling

Dist. 9 Bob Feidler

Dist. 10 Jacquie Niccum

Dist. 11 Gary Hanson

Dist. 12 Mike Montello

Dist. 13 Ryan Sherley

Dist. 14 Andy Brinkman

Dist. 15 John Kraft

Dist. 19 Bill Reusch

Please support these candidates by forwarding this E-mail and posting on social media if possible. I am trying to do this as low cost as I can and help other candidates where possible.