GCHS/MS December Students of the Month

Glenwood City High/Middle School is proud to announce the December Students of the Month.  Kindness was the trait that was the focus for our December selection; individuals who are considerate of others and have a desire to do good to or for others.  The nominees for December are noted for their level of consideration to other students and their caring demeanor to all with whom they interact.  The two students recognized in December are excellent representatives of this trait.

The December Student of the Month at Glenwood City High School was freshman Rachel Mintz.  Ms. Jones nomination read, “I have witnessed Rachel being extremely thoughtful of others while in my classes, and although it sounds cliché, she is just truly “nice” to others.  She is kind when helping her classmates and makes sure to put things in a caring way so that they can understand the concept or idea, consciously making a point to never talk down to anyone or make them feel silly for not knowing something.  Rachel is extremely polite when talking to both me and her peers, thanking others for doing things that many would take for granted.  I feel that Rachel has a very kind heart, shows it through her actions on a daily basis…”  Rachel is the daughter of Mary and Corey Mintz.

The December Student of the Month at Glenwood City Middle School was seventh grader, Brady Klatt.  Brady was recognized by Mr. Schutz.  Mr. Schutz’s nomination stated, “Brady is the kid that will stop and say “Hi” to you every day with a smile on his face.  And tell you goodnight on the way out of school.  He is soft spoken to everyone, is willing to partner up with whomever, and never seems to get upset with anyone.  Brady’s willing to jump in and help others in any situation.  He even tries his best to help others with their classroom work even if he struggles at it himself.  I feel Brady is genuinely a friendly kid to everyone.”  Brady is the son of Carrie and Tom Klatt.

Students of the Month are rewarded by having a lunch provided for them and a friend as well as being issued a unique piece of Hilltopper apparel.  In addition, students are provided with preferential parking (for them or a family member) for all school events.

The staff at Glenwood City High/Middle School would also like to recognize the following students who were nominated for the December Student of the Month as well – Shelby Curvello (Class of 2018 – Mr. Gretzlock), Nicole Blomberg (Class of 2020 – Ms. Hauber), Nicholas Hierlmeier (Class of 2023 – Mr. Lamb), Blake Wakeling (Class of 2023 – Ms. Holter), Haley Klasse (Class of 2022 – Mr. Gretzlock) and Lyra Ketola (Class of 2024 – Ms. Nelson).