Show of strength: Elk Mound and Colfax powerlifters sending multiple athletes to state

By Cara L. Dempski

If you want to understand the achievements of powerlifters, all you need to do is show up at a meet and watch the young athletes.

See – and hear – the crowd cheering the teenage lifters on, spurring them to pick up, push up, or stand up against heavy weights. Watch the lifters’ eyes and faces light up in grins after completing a clean lift.

And witness your hometown kids use nothing but their own muscles and determination to compete.

[emember_protected] No wonder the sport has been so popular in Colfax and Elk Mound the past few years.

Now, though, the Viking and Mounder teams are setting their sights on this year’s state meet at Mauston, and national meet at Appleton.

The Colfax kids had seven athletes qualify out of 22 lifters prior to this past Saturday’s “Last Chance” meet at Whitehall. Mikaela Leibfried, Becca Lee, Hailey Durand-Christianson and Makayla Mattson all qualified for the state meet at the season’s first regional meet at River Falls in December.

The Vikings did not see any further lifters punch their tickets to Mauston at the Osceola regional January 13, but qualified Spencer Herrick, Alexis Snider and Allison Tuschl at the Elk Mound meet held February 10.

The Mounders had a whopping 20 lifters earn a trip to state at the River Falls meet December 9. Clare Hallum, Sira Shepard, Allison Lindquist, Kortnee Halgren, Amanda Sahm, Kyla Egan, Abby Kasper, Madeline Jenson, Hanna Caron, DeAnna Leon, Alexis Lee, Erin DeLong, Lane Lee, Jack Emberson, Dylan Hanson, Blake Burlingame, Jonas Kohls, Bryce Kasper and Aric Jensen all competed well enough to make it to Mauston.

Brandon and Bailey Gilbertson, LayLue Kue, Hannah Hawkins, Bryce Ploeckelman and Ethan Kaanta added to the group at the Osceola meet. The Elk Mound boys’ and girls’ teams also won the meet, and Lindquist and Bryce Kasper took home trophies for best female and male lifters.

The Mounders added Kendall Nigon, Mason Close, William Muszynski and Carter Brantner to the boys’ state-bound roster at their home meet February 10, and learned Hanna Hollister, Kayla Patterson, and Hannah Cynor earned berths to state for the girls’ team.

This year’s state meet is scheduled for March 10 and 11 at Mauston, and the USA Powerlifting High School Nationals are schedule for March 22-25 at Appleton. [/emember_protected]