Colfax Health and Rehab News – 2-21-2018

Colfax Health and Rehab News – 2-21-2018

News for the week of February 11th to the 17th: 

Monday morning found the Green Leaf Crafters in the Square to make tray favors for our Valentine’s Day Luncheon. We cut hearts from colored paper, attached them to toothpicks and inserted them into Hershey Kisses.

[emember_protected] Everyone agreed they will look very festive on the tables. The afternoon found many gathering in the Square where Chef Andy showed us how to make a delicious but simple Valentines Day treat. We started with strawberries which were then dipped in melted chocolate and put on a tray to harden. After they cooled a bit, we finished them off by drizzling them with white chocolate.  After the work was done we enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and a strawberry short cake cookie which were still warm from the oven.

Tuesday morning found residents gathering for an hour of Kicking Karaoke. We combine our favorite songs with a little exercise. Tony even found some of our favorite romantic songs to exercise to. The afternoon found our Bingo enthusiasts in the Square. All went away with bags full of treats. While Michelle calls the numbers, Patty Lambert, a new volunteer did a great job assisting her. 

Valentine’s Day started out with some very special visitors. A quartet of local barber shoppers came to serenade some of our residents with love songs while presenting them with a valentine and a red rose. Later in the morning Pastor Schroetter led us in our Wednesday morning church service. We appreciate him taking the time to come and share with us. We enjoyed his inspiring message, and also singing along to our favorite hymns. Our Valentine’s Day celebration continued at lunch with a special Surf and Turf meal. Residents enjoyed Salisbury steak smothered with mushroom gravy. On the side loaded mashed potatoes and steamed fresh shrimp drizzled with drawn butter. For dessert we enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries that residents had made on Monday. After a quick rest after lunch, we gathered in the Square for a Sweetheart’s dance. We were entertained by Chuck Kirkwood and Friends. We always look forward to their wonderful toe tapping music. 

Noodle meets Ball started out our Thursday morning as residents gathered for an hour of fun using beach balls and Styrofoam noodles. As the residents hit the ball with the noodles, it was a challenge to see which team could keep the ball on the opponent’s side. In the end, everyone came away a winner and we all had fun and even got in a little exercise in the process.  The afternoon also became very competitive as the residents gathered to compete in some of our own winter Olympics. Table hockey was the favorite game and the winners were the Red, White and Blue Team. 

On Friday, Loretta led our Catholics in the Rosary, and afterwards we gathered in the Square for Gospel Sing a Long. This activity has been a Friday morning tradition for many years here at Colfax Health and Rehab, and the residents enjoyed listening to the talents of Kathy on piano and Bruce on the guitar. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week.

Highlighted activities for next week include music by Riverboat Randy and Billy Krause. Also our Livers Lovers Club will enjoy a delicious Lunch on Thursday. 

Until next week, 
Barb Stobb, Activity Director  [/emember_protected]