Viking boys fall to Augusta and GC, squeeze past EPC

By Cara L. Dempski

It seems players are dropping like flies in Colfax lately.

The most recent casualty was Luke Heidorn, who was not able to play when the Viking boys hosted Augusta Beavers February 6 due to illness. Thankfully, he will be back quickly, though his team suffered through a 79-36 smackdown without him.

The Vikings picked up the pieces and tried again on the road in Glenwood City just a few days later. But Colfax suffered a 64-42 loss February 8, after trailing by just six at halftime.

[emember_protected] The team then traveled to Plum City to take on the Elmwood/Plum City Wolves February 10 after their initial date on January 23 was postponed due to weather. The Vikings escaped the contest with a 67-63 win over the Wolves, who have won just one conference contest this season.

Coach Garrett Maas admitted it has been a rough few weeks without Treyton Teige, who sprained his ankle January 19 against Durand, and George Scharlau, who sustained a broken arm January 25 against Boyceville, and the team’s record reflects this.

Colfax is now 7-4 in the Dunn-St. Croix, and 10-9 overall.

In a short three-day turnaround, the Vikings faced the Wolves a second time on Tuesday, February 13, and will travel to Mondovi this Friday, February 16. The team’s final game of regular season will be February 22 at Durand.

Maas said the tournament seeding meeting will be held February 17, with regional play set to start Tuesday, February 27.


Beavers are large, semi-aquatic rodents who know a thing or two about hardwood.

And, when they’re not building dams, canals or lodges, they’re apparently on basketball courts chasing down Vikings.

At least the ones from Augusta seem to be after picking up a 79-36 win over Colfax at home February 6. Maas said the game seemed like a disaster from the very beginning.

“Augusta came out and shot the lights out in the first half,” he began. “One kid alone had seven threes in the first half.”

Yet, rather than hang their heads or roll over and play dead, Maas said the Vikings fought the whole game. He noted there were a lot of shots that would seem to go halfway down, only to pop out.

For now, though, the team is focused on the next game.

Junior Luke Heidorn was sick, so Colfax relied on its younger players to provide some valuable minutes for the team.

Ben Thompson put up 13 for the team, and Noah Albricht joined him with eight. Ed Hydukovich came away with four points, Trevor Rothbauer, Jackson Hellmann and Taylor Sarauer tied with three each, and Marcus Reisdorf added two.

Augusta’s Tanner Alix scored 31 to take top scoring honors.

Augusta………………………….47  32 — 79
Colfax…………………………….19  17 — 36


Augusta (25-7-12-79) — R. Grunewald 3-1-1-9, A. Perkovich 5-0-3-14, P. Waugh 2-0-1-4, C. Jacobs 4-3-1-11, G. Goodell 1-0-1-2, M. Livingston 1-0-0-2, T. Alix 11-1-2-31, L. Brown 0-2-1-2, D. Shilka 2-0-0-4.

Colfax (11-9-11-36)  — B. Thompson 5-0-0-13, C. Seehaver 0-0-1-0, N. Albricht 1-6-2-8, T. Rothbauer 1-0-0-3, E. Hydukovich 2-0-1-4, J. Hellmann 1-0-3-3, M. Reisdorf 1-0-1-2, Z. Rindy 0-0-1-0, B. Lawrence 0-0-1-0, T. Sarauer 0-3-3.

A — R. Grunewald 2, A. Perkovich 4, T. Alix 8; C — B. Thompson 3, T. Rothbauer 1, J. Hellmann 1.

Glenwood City

Maas came away from the Vikings’ loss at Glenwood City last Thursday feeling nothing but happy with his team.

“I was proud of how our kids kept battling,” he said. “They have really impressed me during this rough patch. When it could be easy to just give up, they seem to try even harder.”

The Colfax coach called the 2017-2018 squad one of his favorite teams to have ever coached, seemingly because the Vikings have not given up fighting for life despite some heavy losses to the team roster.

Colfax may have driven away from Hilltopper Country February 8 with a 64-42 loss, but Maas could not help but be impressed by the game he saw play out on the court.

According to the coach, Colfax jumped out to a 10-2 lead early in the game, but the Toppers battled back. The closer score coupled with some foul trouble to leave the Vikings with a six-point deficit at halftime.

The second half was a case of missed opportunities for Colfax, who could not capitalize on a number of wide-open shooting opportunities. Maas praised the Glenwood City players for finding ways to get the ball to the game’s leading scorers, Hilltoppers Hadin DeSmith and Riley Schutz.

Thompson led the Vikings with 16 points, while Reisdorf put up seven, Heidorn scored six, Hydukovich and Sarauer tied with four each, Brady Lawrence hit a three-pointer, and Zach Rindy nabbed two.

Schutz led Glenwood City, and the game, with a high score of 34.

Colfax………………………………25  17 — 42
Glenwood City…………………..31  33 — 64


Colfax (17-4-11-42) — B. Thompson 7-0-1-16, N. Albricht 0-0-1-0, E. Hydukovich 2-0-3-4, J. Hellmann 0-0-2-0, M. Reisdorf 3-0-2-7, L. Heidorn 3-0-1-6, Z. Rindy 1-0-0-2, B. Lawrence 1-0-0-3, T. Sarauer 0-4-1-4.

Glenwood City (24-10-8-64) — P. Hill 2-0-2-4, H. DeSmith 9-1-2-23, R. Schutz 12-9-2-34, D. Loring 1-0-0-3, T. Davis 0-0-2-0.

C — B. Thompson 2, M. Reisdorf 1, B. Lawrence 1; GC — H. DeSmith 4, R. Schutz 1, D. Loring 1.

Elmwood/Plum City

It has been a few weeks, but they finally did it: Colfax nabbed a win over a conference team.

The team headed to Plum City for a Saturday-afternoon contest February 10 after the original game was postponed due to a storm in late January. The Vikings won a bit of a confidence booster, finishing on top 67-64.

Even more impressive, is the fact that the visiting team trailed by five points at halftime, 30-25, before walloping the Wolves 42-33 in the second half for the win.

Thompson had a stellar afternoon, scoring 23 points for the Colfax squad. Luke Heidorn added to the fun with 16 points, Ed Hydukovich had eight, Jackson Hellmann scored six, Noah Albricht put up five, seniors Marcus Reisdorf and Taylor Sarauer ended the day with four each, and Cole Seehaver dropped in a free throw for one.

Elmwood/Plum City’s Luke Baier scored 15 to lead the Wolves.

Colfax………………………………25  42 — 67
Elmwood/Plum City……………30  33 — 63


Colfax (23-19-16-67) — B. Thompson 7-8-1-23, C. Seehaver 0-1-1-1, N. Albricht 1-3-0-5, E. Hydukovich 4-0-4-8, J. Hellmann 2-2-4-6, M. Reisdorf 1-2-1-4, L. Heidorn 6-3-2-16, T. Sarauer 2-0-3-4.

Elmwood/Plum City (23-10-21-63) — N. Gansluckner 2-1-1-5, N. Forster 4-2-5-10, Z. Phillips 3-3-4-9, J. Glampe 3-0-1-7, T. Maxwell 5-0-4-13, L. Baier 4-7-4-15, J. Brunner 1-0-0-2, C. Heath 1-0-2-2.

C — B. Thompson 1, L. Heidorn 1; EPC — Z. Phillips 3, J. Glampe 1, T. Maxwell 3. [/emember_protected]