Winter Carnival week comes to Colfax High School

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX —  Students at Colfax High School will be chasing away the winter blues this week with Winter Carnival activities.

Hallway decorating themes this year are Seniors/Florida, Juniors/Oregon, Sophomores/New York and Freshmen/Colorado.

Dress up days were Colorado on Monday, New York on Tuesday, Oregon on Wednesday, Florida on Thursday and Red and White Day on Friday.

Contests were held during the noon hour in the high school gymnasium Monday through Thursday.

For the Mr. and Ms. Colfax Contest, contestants were chosen by their classmates to represent each class.

This year’s contestants are RyAnna Martinson, McKenna Yingst, Haley Seston, Nokomis Nosker, Adam Pretasky, Chris Scharlau, Hunter Larson and Scout Flodquist.

Competitions for Mr. and Ms. Colfax include a coin drive from Monday through Thursday. The contestants carry around a coin jar, and their classmates place coins in the jar. The jars will be turned in at the end of the day Thursday.

Mr. and Ms. Colfax contestants also will compete to win the “hearts” of the students at CHS. The hearts must come from the opposite gender and from students who are not in the contestant’s class. Students received their hearts Tuesday, and the contestant with the most hearts by the end of the day Thursday wins.

Afternoon festivities on Friday will include individual competitions for Mr. and Ms. Colfax and in talent, secret question and a mystery/physical challenge. Judges will determine the winners. The secret question must be answered individually, but the talent portion of the contest can be done as a couple or as an individual. Contestants can enlist the help of their classmates, but the performance of each contestant will be judged separately.

Mr. and Ms. Colfax contestants also will receive points for dressing up on each of the Winter Carnival days and will receive five points per day that they dress in the appropriate attire.

In addition to the Mr. and Ms. Colfax competition, festivities Friday afternoon will include a performance by the dance team, senior athletes activity, tug-o-war, volleyball and car stuffing.

The Winter Carnival King and Queen (Mr. and Ms. Colfax) will be announced at 3 p.m. Friday and the spirit award also will be presented.

The spirit award is based on class competitions for dress up days, noon contests and class competitions Friday afternoon.

Mr. & Ms. Colfax winners will be determined by their participation in spirit dress-up days, the coin drive, king of hearts competition and the Friday afternoon contests of mystery challenge, secret question and the talent competition.