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Glenwood City, surrounding area strong in support of Jarchow – Schachtner wins special election

By Cara L. Dempski

HUDSON — Saint Croix County’s chief medical examiner will fill the seat vacated by Sheila Harsdorf in Wisconsin’s Senate District 10.

Democratic candidate Patty Schachtner bested GOP candidate and current assembly representative Adam Jarchow of Balsam Lake, and Libertarian candidate Brian Corriea in a January 16 special election. The vote came after Harsdorf stepped away from 17 years as District 10’s senator to accept appointment as agriculture secretary in November.

Unofficial election results posted on both the Dunn and St. Croix County websites indicate Jarchow picked up wins in the City of Glenwood City, villages of Wilson and Knapp, and the St. Croix County towns of Glenwood, Emerald and Springfield, along with the Dunn County Town of Tiffany.

Springfield boasted the highest voter turnout for St. Croix County areas surrounding Glenwood City, with Jarchow copping 74 votes to Schachtner’s 41 and Corriea’s 3, while Glenwood City itself saw 64 for Jarchow, 45 for his Democratic opponent, and two for the Libertarian. Wilson voted 18 for Jarchow, 13 for Schachtner and four for Corriea, Jarchow beat his opponents 42-31 in Glenwood, and took just eight votes (48-40) over Schachtner in Emerald.

The villages of Knapp and Downing, and the Town of Tiffany, were the only Dunn County municipalities Jarchow won, besting his opponents 39-13-2 in Knapp, 14-8-0 in Downing, and 50-42-0 in Tiffany.

Schachtner carried the rest of the District 10 municipalities in the county, carrying the Village of Boyceville 43-28-0, and towns of Stanton, Lucas and Menomonie 45-41-0, 54-29-1, and 263-135-5 respectively.

However, the City of Menomonie was the biggest win in the local area for Schachtner, as the picked up a victory there 996-339-17.

The newest member of the state senate will make the fall 2018 election a little tighter, though Republicans still control the senate 18-14 with one open seat left.