Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list

Glenwood City MS/HS 
Top 10 List
January 8-19, 2018

1. LIZ WINK for earning the highest score in the class for Human Anatomy.

2. MALI DRAXLER for an impressive perfect score on her Science 7 semester test!

3. IZZY DRAXLER for earning 100% on her Geometry semester exam.

4. SAMANTHA PETERSON AND EMILY WULFF for doing an excellent job on their final exam in Math 8!

5. JOHN HAGER, BRADY MCCARTHY, EMILY WULFF for their Essays which compared The Giver to Animal Farm.

6. RYEAH OEHLKE consistently types at speeds of 54-59 words per minute with 95-100% accuracy. She exceeds the expectations of a 6th grade student.

7. MADDIE OEHLKE & GABBY MOEDE for always hustling up to get to pep band after their JV basketball game.  The band, fans, team, and cheerleaders really appreciate it.

8. JULIA NERBY for her positive attitude and effort in Physical Education class each day. Julia participates to the best of her ability and demonstrates positive sportsmanship in each activity. 

9. MORGAN LEE AND REBECCA PETERSON (Algebra 2) for getting 100% on the Matrix quiz!

10. JASON RADUNZ for doing an amazing job with the lower elementary students as a TAP student in Art!