Colfax Health and Rehab News – 1-24-2018

News for the week of January 14th to the 20th:

Monday found our talented crafters in the Square working on pet blankets that will be given to local vet clinics and animal shelters. We cut tops and bottoms from cotton material and place a fleece lining in them to make them a little softer.

[emember_protected] While some worked on the blankets, others watched a video on restoring old tractors. The afternoon found Pat Sajack and Vanna White in the Square leading us in an hour of Wheel of Fortune. Well maybe Pat and Vanna didn’t come, but we still had a great time guessing the different phrases that Cathy had for us. 

On Tuesday morning the East Dining Room filled with residents ready to begin the week getting a little exercise. Tony led the group as arms were swinging and legs were flying. Later the group reminisced about how everyone used to get their exercise. Tuesday afternoon found our Bingo enthusiasts in the Square. All went away with bags full of treats. Eileen and Michelle make sure the hour runs smoothly. 

Wednesday morning we all gathered in the Square for our weekly church and communion with Pastor Matt Saarem. We enjoyed his uplifting message and as always singing our favorite hymns. JC Colby entertained us in the afternoon. We enjoy listening to his wonderful voice and his beautiful guitar playing. 

Thursday morning found our craft group making Valentine decorations for the upcoming holiday. In the afternoon, residents gathered for an hour of Table Games. Later we enjoyed cocktail hour while watching the antics of Lucille Ball. 

Friday found the Catholics gathering for our weekly rosary led by Loretta. After rosary, it was Gospel Sing in the Square. Kathy and Bruce led us in an hour of singing, and sharing of special words. Dime Bingo was the activity for the afternoon. Once again many went away with a little more jingle in their pocket. 

Next week will be a busy one here at the Big Yellow House. We will be entertained by Riverboat Randy and Bev Ward, and residents will enjoy their own Wine Tasting and Appetizer Luncheon on Thursday.  To end the week we will be holding our Wine and Craft Beer Gala for the public on Saturday from 5:00 to 7:30. Discounted presale tickets are still available and came be purchased by stopping at the front desk. 

In keeping with the theme of next week’s events, here is a recipe from our 1996 cookbook that was submitted by Chris Lorenzen, medical records staff. Grape Wine: 2 (12 oz.) cans of frozen grape juice, 4 ½ cups sugar, ¼ tsp. yeast, ½ cup raisins (if desired). Directions: Place ingredients in a gallon jug. Slowly fill with warm water, shaking to dissolve sugar. Fill with water until it reaches 1 inch from the top. Put large balloon on neck of jug. Put in warm area for 3 weeks. Place in bottles and store. 

Until next week, enjoy the January thaw! 

Barb Stobb, Activity Director [/emember_protected]