Contests noted for St. Croix County Board Supervisors

There will be contests for several seats on the St. Croix County Board in the April Election. 

[emember_protected] In District number one, incumbent Ryan Sicard did not meet requirements and apparently is running as a write in. There are three other people seeking that seat which will require a primary election. Those other three are Matt Foucault, Chris Polfus and Ed Schachtner.

District number 2; incumbent Chris Mater is being challenged by Scott J. Nordstrand.

District number 3; Christopher is being challenged by Lynda Miller.

District number 4; Tom Coulter is facing Howard Novotny.

District number 5; Roy Sjoberg is being challenged by Carla Stream.

District number 6; Bob Long is facing Timothy Hall.

District number 7; Tammy Moothedan is being challenged by Rory O’Sullivan.

District number 8; Scott Nelson is facing Dan Fosterling.

District number 9; Jill Ann Berke is being challenged by Robert Feidler.

District number 10; David Ostness is facing Jacqueline Niccum.

District number 11; Roger Larson is facing Gary R. Hanson.

District number 12; Daniel Hansen is being challenged by Mike Montello.

District number 13; Scottie Ard is being challenged by Ryan Sherley.

District number 14; incumbent Andy Brinkman is running unopposed.

District number 15; David Peterson is being challenged by John Kraft.

District number 16; incumbent Paulette Anderson is running unopposed.

District number 17; incumbent Judy Achterhof is running unopposed.

District number 18; incumbent Shaela Leibfried is running unopposed.

District number 19: William Reusch is challenging William Peavey. [/emember_protected]