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Boyceville girls pummeled by Amery, fall to Mondovi

By Cara L. Dempski

BOYCEVILLE — The Lady Bulldogs took this year’s holiday break away from contests, but not away from the court.

While coach Jolene Bird saw the team daily at practice, the girls did not play any games. Bird hoped the break would benefit her team, but she professed the girls had a lack of focus in practice, leading to a lack of focus when they stepped back into competition.

The Bulldogs hosted Amery’s Warriors last Tuesday, January 2 to kick off the new year but suffered a 57-20 beat-down to open 2018.

The team then hosted Mondovi Thursday, January 4.

Boyceville kept close to the Lady Buffaloes until partway through the closing half, when Mondovi started to pull away, resulting in a 50-34 loss for the home team.

The Lady Bulldogs are 1-9 overall and 0-5 in the Dunn-St. Croix after last week. They hosted Durand January 9, and head to Spring Valley January 12. The team will then play St. Croix Central January 16 for a non-conference travel contest.


Boyceville basketball fans wondering how the girls fared against Amery last Tuesday would only have needed to ask Coach Bird.

“We were poor in every aspect of the game,” she said the following morning. “The girls had a hard time staying focused during holiday practices, and it showed in their performance on the floor.”

The Bulldogs opened 2018 with the first of three games at home by losing a January 2 contest against the Middle Border’s Amery Warriors by a score of 57-20.

The matchup left Bird hoping the team would decide as a group to put more effort into practices and games to play to their potential. Otherwise, she noted, it could be a very long season for the Lady Bulldogs.

Rachel Prestrud and Alyx Bloom led the team with five points apiece, while Ana Evenson put in four, and Marissa Dormanen and Tyra Kostman rounded out the score with three each.

Amery’s Madelyn Granica nailed nine field goals and nine free throws to cop 29 points in the game.

Amery………………………………30  27 — 57
Boyceville………………………….7   13 — 20


Amery (18-17-14-57) — A. Van Someren 1-2-0-4, L. Monson 0-0-2-0, M. Brotzel 0-0-1-0, C. Edwards 1-0-3-3, J. Engebretson 2-2-1-6, M. Granica 9-9-0-29, A. Koehler 1-2-3-4, A. Edwards 0-0-1-0, E. Schmidt 1-2-0-5, R. Fouks 1-0-3-2, A. Schmidt 2-0-0-4.

Boyceville (6-5-20-20) — R. Prestrud 1-2-0-5, E. Ouellette 0-0-5-0, A. Bloom 2-0-2-5, H. Johnson 0-0-4-0, T. Kostman 1-1-5-3, T. Grambow 0-0-2-0, M. Dormanen 1-0-2-3, A. Evenson 1-2-0-4.

A — C. Edwards 1, M. Granica 1, E. Schmidt 1; B — R. Prestrud 1, A. Bloom 1, M. Dormanen 1.


Maybe Mondovi was having an off night. Maybe Boyceville was firing on all eight cylinders. Maybe it was both.

Whatever it was, approximately 27 minutes of it was looking pretty good for the home team January 4 at Boyceville, as the Lady Bulldogs held tight to the visiting Buffaloes and did not allow the game to get too far out of hand until late. The result was a 50-34 loss that saw the Boyceville girls trailing by just two points at halftime.

The Bulldogs knotted things up at 28 points at 13:25, but then the Buffs reclaimed the lead on a free throw to make the board read 29-28 in their favor.

That’s when Alyx Bloom set up her second three-point shot of the game to give the Boyceville girls a 31-29 lead with 12:52 still to play. After that, the Bulldog offense froze, and did not thaw out until there was just 1:27 left on the clock.

Meanwhile, Mondovi went on a 13-0 run to cop a 42-31 lead, but Marissa Dormanen nailed a shot at 1:27 to make the score 42-33. The Lady Buffs went on another eight-point run, but Emma Ouellette got the last word when she hit the back end of a two-shot trip to the line to end up 50-34.

Dormanen claimed the Boyceville team’s highest score for the night with eight points, Rachel Prestrud and Alyx Bloom were tied with six apiece, Tyra Kostman accounted for five, Hannah Johnson and Taylor Grambow each scored four, and Ouellette had the single free throw.

Mondovi’s Haley Poeschel led the game with 12 points.

Mondovi…………….………….24  26 — 50
Boyceville……………..……….22  12 — 34


Mondovi (15-15-8-50) — C. Buchholz 2-1-0-5, H. Poeschel 1-9-4-12, M. Rud 2-0-0-5, S. Ede 2-0-0-5, R. Evans 3-1-0-7, K. Everson 1-1-0-3, A. Miller-Oates 0-0-1-0, M. Akina 1-1-0-4, E. Flaskrud 1-2-2-5, J. Zachorias 2-0-1-4.

Boyceville (13-4-19-34) — R. Prestrud 2-1-5-6, E. Ouellette 0-1-4-1, A. Bloom 2-0-1-6, H. Johnson 2-0-3-4, K. Grambow 0-0-1-0, T. Kostman 2-0-3-5, T. Grambow 2-0-1-4, M. Dormanen 3-2-1-8.

M — H. Poeschel 1, M. Rud 1, S. Ede 1, M. Akina 1, E. Flaskrud 1; B — R. Prestrud 1, A. Bloom 2, T. Kostman 1.