Colfax school district news items: CHS students learn about human trafficking

COLFAX —  Human trafficking is the world’s fastest-growing crime but it does not occur only overseas.

Jodi Emerson of Fierce Freedom visited Colfax High School December 13 to do a presentation for students on human trafficking, according to a report by John Dachel, CHS principal.

The human trafficking presentation was one of the news items Dachel reported on at the Colfax Board of Education’s December 18 meeting.

Fierce Freedom is a non-profit organization based in Eau Claire that raises awareness of human trafficking as a human rights issue.

The organization was started by Colfax resident Jenny Almquist and educates the public about the fact that human trafficking not only happens overseas in third-world countries or in large cities but also right here in Colfax.

The students were attentive to the message Emerson presented about the growing issue of human trafficking, Dachel said.

Science Olympiad

Colfax High School students competed in the Wisconsin Science Olympiad Boyceville Invitational on Saturday, December 2, Dachel reported.

Colfax was one of more than 60 schools that competed.

Colfax students competed in more than 10 categories and learned much about the competition.

The next Science Olympiad event for Colfax students will be held at UW-River Falls on Saturday, January 20, he said.


A mentoring program with 40 high school students started on Thursday, December 7, at Colfax Elementary.

CHS students work with Colfax Elementary students on tasks such as developing relationships, Dachel said.

Each week, students complete an activity. The activities include playing board games, homework or eating with students and visiting.

The mentoring program is a “great opportunity” for CHS students to learn the importance of being great leaders for younger students, Dachel said.

Test data

According to a report by Polly Rudi, director of special education, the Colfax school district will be working with CESA 11 as part of WISEgrant to analyze student test data related to student assessment.

All together 15 staff members will be trained on January 4 and January 5 to interpret and apply test data using the Department of Public Instruction Wisedata portal.

Teachers trained by CESA will share the knowledge they gain with district colleagues who did not attend the training, she said.

Accelerated Reading

Colfax Elementary has 412 students who have passed 11,169 quizzes and earned 9,452.1 points in the Accelerated Reading program, according to Trevor Hovde’s report to the school board.

Hovde is the elementary school principal.

The average quiz score is 89.7 percent, and students have read more than 42 million words.

Four students have read over one million words: Jeannette Hydukovich, Eli Ralph, Melaniya Zazovskaya and Elizabeth Schmitt.

When students return to school after the holiday break, they will take the Star reading test to monitor their progress and to identify a new reading zone.