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Colfax school board to discuss wrestling program at Jan. meeting

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX —  The Colfax Board of Education is planning to discuss the issue of what to do about the school district’s wrestling program at the January board meeting.

Colfax currently has five wrestlers in the cooperative program with Bloomer, and the agreement must be renewed by March 31, said William C. Yingst Jr. at the Colfax Board of Education’s December 18 meeting.

Three of the wrestlers are active and two are inactive, he said.

Bloomer is down on numbers of students participating in wrestling, too, Yingst said.

The Bloomer-Colfax team had to give up six weight categories out of 14 at the last match, he said.

Only a small handful of schools have enough students interested in wrestling to maintain their own teams, Yingst said.

The Colfax school board should be talking about Colfax wrestling sooner rather than later, he said.

At the last match, Bloomer-Colfax forfeited five weight categories and would have won the match if the categories had been filled, said Ken Neuburg, school board member.

“The Colfax wrestlers looked awesome,” he said.

Would it be possible to move the program to Colfax and have Bloomer bring their wrestlers to Colfax for practices, asked Todd Kragness, school board president.

Colfax has been participating in wrestling with Bloomer for eight or nine years, Yingst said.

“It is boiling down to numbers,” Yingst said.

Colfax has one to three “high quality” wrestlers each year, he said.

Perhaps three school districts should consider teaming up together for a cooperative wrestling program, said Ken Bjork, school board member.

Colfax has lost students to Boyceville for Boyceville’s wrestling program, Kragness said.

Students who are not interested in basketball could perhaps be interested wrestling, Neuburg said.

School board member Christie Hill wondered if some of the wrestlers are being lost to power lifting.

The school district must try to provide as many opportunities as possible for students, but the numbers are not there, Bjork said.

Yingst said he would find out whether it is possible to combine multiple schools to make a full roster for a wrestling program.