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Colfax approves new fee schedule for rescue squad

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX —  Instead of invoicing for individual supplies, the Colfax Rescue Squad’s new fee schedule will now include supplies in the base rate.

The Colfax Village Board approved the new fee schedule at the December 11 meeting.

Don Knutson, director of the Colfax Rescue Squad, proposed including supplies in the base rate at the rescue squad’s annual meeting at the end of August.

Some ambulance services charge a rate and mileage but do not charge for supplies. Medicare will only reimburse the base rate and for loaded miles but not for supplies, Knutson told those who attended the annual meeting.

Increasing the base rate and not billing for supplies would likely result in a net gain for the Colfax Rescue Squad, Knutson said.

Knutson asked the representatives for the municipalities attending the annual meeting about their thoughts on increasing the base rate and no longer billing for supplies.

The consensus of those at the annual meeting was that if Medicare does not reimburse for supplies, the Colfax Rescue Squad may as well increase the base rate and eliminate invoicing for supplies.

The fee schedule approved by the village board at the December 11 meeting sets the advanced life support (ALS) non-resident base rate at $1,200. The non-resident base rate for advanced life support was $1,046.26 in 2017.

Resident and non-resident refers to whether patients live within the Colfax ambulance district.

Under the new fee schedule, the advanced life support base rate for a resident is $1,100. The resident base rate for advanced life support was $887.79 in 2017.

Basic life support (BLS) non-resident base rate is $1,050 under the new fee schedule. The non-resident base rate for basic life support in 2017 was $910.42.

The new fee schedule sets the basic life support resident base rate at $850. The resident base rate for basic life support in 2017 was $751.95.

Mileage for a resident is calculated at $16.92 per mile in the new fee schedule, and mileage for a non-resident is $18.23.

The mileage rate is 13 cents more for a resident in 2018 and is 14 cents more for a non-resident.

The “refusal” rate, when an ambulance is called but the patient refuses transport, was $196.12 in 2017. The new fee for refusing transport is $203.96.

A school event standby will be invoiced at $60, and having an EMT at a private event is $30. Having an ambulance at a private event will be $40

Two-sided house numbers are $12, and one sided house numbers are $10.

Under the new fee schedule approved by the village board, copies of certified medical records will cost $8.26 for certification. Copies 1 to 25 will be $1.04 per page. Copies 26 to 50 will be 76 cents per page. Copies 51 to 100 will be 51 cents per page.

The amounts for copies are what is allowed by state statute.

People requesting copies of medical records also will pay the actual cost of postage and envelopes.

Other news

In the Colfax Rescue Squad’s notes included with the Colfax Village Board packet, Knutson reported the state has approved the Community Para-medicine and Community EMT programs.

The changes would allow post hospital home follow up visits.

The Colfax Rescue Squad would contract with hospitals for the services. Post hospital home visits have been shown to greatly reduce hospital readmissions and hospital admittance, according to the rescue squad report.

The Colfax Rescue Squad is waiting now to find out what training and additional guidance will be coming from the state of Wisconsin, Knutson reported.