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Lady Vikings stick it to Bulldogs, Cardinals in first week of D-SC action

By Cara L. Dempski

The Colfax girls’ basketball team’s first two conference contests of the season turned out to not really be contests at all.

The Lady Vikings headed to Boyceville lat Tuesday, December 5 to open up Dunn-St. Croix play against a young pack of Bulldogs. Colfax kept the Lady Bulldogs contained throughout the first half to take a 32-point lead into the halftime break, and the limited Boyceville to just one basket in the second half for a 67-13 win.

Coach Joe Doucette and his team returned home two nights later to take on Spring Valley. The Vikings blew past the Cardinals 70-41 in the December 7 contest to move to the top of the conference standings.

The Colfax ladies are now 3-2 overall and have a 2-0 D-SC record.

The Vikings will welcome Elk Mound to their gym for the first of this season’s two rivalry matches December 14, and then will take a road trip to face Elmwood/Plum City next Tuesday, December 19.


According to Colfax basketball coach Joe Doucette, the Viking ladies were definitely ready to go December 5 at Boyceville.

“It was great to play. We’ve been chomping at the bit to play after struggling, and we just wanted to go out and win,” he said after the game.

Colfax had not played since just before Thanksgiving, when they fell to the Raiders during a road trip to Hudson. The team that stepped onto the court at Boyceville last Tuesday seemed more confident in its abilities.

Whereas the Vikings were somewhat lackluster shooters from the free throw line in their first few games, the team went 14 for 17 from the line and put up seven three-point shots on the way to a 67-13 win over the Bulldogs.

Junior Savannah Henricks walked away with the game’s top individual score after shooting 100 percent from the free throw line, and nailing four field goals and a pair of threes for a total of 20 points. Sophomore Kameri Meredith was not far behind, scoring 17 points on six field goals and three charity throws.

Morgan Schleusner tacked up eight points for the Vikings, Rachel Scharlau and Alyssa Dachel each recorded three, Saville Wilson and Emma Hurlburt logged four apiece, and Jayna Bowe put up two.

Colfax………………………………43  24 — 67
Boyceville…………………………11    2 — 13


Colfax (23-14-9-67) — A. Dachel 2-1-2-6, M. Schleusner 3-0-2-8, J. Bowe 1-0-0-2, K. Meredith 6-3-0-17, S. Henricks 6-6-1-20, A. Olson 0-0-2-0, S. Wilson 1-2-0-4, R. Scharlau 3-0-1-6, E. Hurlburt 1-2-1-4.

Boyceville (5-2-15-13) — R. Prestrud 2-0-3-5, E. Ouellette 0-1-2-1, A. Bloom 0-0-3-0, N. Hillman 0-1-1-1, T. Kostman 1-0-1-2, T. Grambow 0-0-3-0, M. Dormanen 1-0-0-2, A. Evenson1-0-1-2.

C — A. Dachel 1, M. Schleusner 2, K. Meredith 2, S. Henricks 2; B — R. Prestrud 1.
C — A. Dachel 1, M. Schleusner 2, K. Meredith 2, S. Henricks 2; B — R. Prestrud 1.

Spring Valley

Doucette said the Lady Vikings had a good week, and he saw many of his athletes play well.

The Colfax girls picked up a second D-SC win against Spring Valley when they chalked up a 70-41 win over the Cardinals at home December 8. Still, he is hoping he team maintains focus and does not let last week’s wins go to its head.

“We have to keep it in perspective,” The Viking coach explained. “We played two young teams that sat back and let us control the pace. We struggled early versus more pressure and people getting after us.”

Meredith is credited with the game’s highest score after picking up 19. Scharlau added nine points, Hurlburt logged eight, Henricks scored seven, Wilson and Josie Steinke each recorded six, Jayna Bowe scored five, Addy Olson added four, and Dachel and Schleusner each scored three.

Spring Valley’s highest-scoring player was Brianna O’Brien, who logged 11 points.

Spring Valley…………….…….19  22 — 41
Colfax……………..……………44  26 — 70


Spring Valley (13-11-18-41) — K. Hybben 1-0-02, C. Wegener 0-3-1-2, T. Cipriano 2-0-2-5, E. Stans 2-0-0-4, B. O’Brien 3-2-3-11, L. Wittmer 1-0-3-2, S. Klatt 0-0-1-0, A. Johansen 1-3-3-4, M Rustad 1-0-3-2, K. Dieckman 1-0-1-2, L. Stark 1-3-1-5.

Colfax (25-15-15-70) — A. Dachel 1-0-2-3, M. Schleusner 0-3-3-3, J. Bowe 1-2-0-5, K. Meredith 7-3-1-19, S. Henricks 3-0-2-7, J. Steinke 2-0-0-6, A. Olson 2-0-3-4, S. Wilson 2-0-2-6, R. Scharlau 3-3-1-9, E. Hurlburt 2-4-1-8.

SV — T. Cipriano 1, B. O’Brien 3; C — A. Dachel 1, J. Bowe 1, K. Meredith 2, S. Henricks 1, J. Steinke 2, S. Wilson 2.