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John Rocco Calabrese of Tiffany Township announces run for WI State Senate District 10

Carpenter and Anti-Corruption Activist John Rocco Calabrese will run as a Progressive Democrat for the recently vacated senate seat in Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District.

John has been the State Director of Wolf PAC Wisconsin since 2014. Wolf PAC is an all volunteer organization pushing legislators from both parties to rid the country of the corrupting influence of money in politics.

John has stepped down from his role at Wolf PAC for the opportunity to represent his friends and neighbors in Western Wisconsin.

“The experience of meeting with dozens of legislators and staff over the years has revealed to me how hamstrung most of our representatives are by the campaign contributions they’ve received and the prospect of returning to those contributors when the next campaign comes along. The land we hunt on, the waterways we swim in, and the air we breath are being fouled by and sold off to the highest bidders, often from out of state,” said John.

John owns and  operates a small woodworking/carpentry business in Dunn County. He has met and worked alongside many hardworking Wisconsin contractors, tradesmen and women of all political stripes. He’s learned that above all these Wisconsinites want smooth roads, good schools, decent wages, affordable health care and a bright future for their children.

“Rarely does anyone mention ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’,” he continues. “They mention instead that the family farms are being pushed out, the roads are in bad shape, and the public schools aren’t what they used to be.”

John will speak for all the voices of Western Wisconsin, while consistently connecting the dots between money and policy.

“The idea of actually representing your constituents has become a radical one in this country. Studies have shown public policy has a direct correlation with donor opinion, not voter opinion. I will never take PAC money, big donor money, dark money, or any money; except small donations.” said John. “Money is not speech. We can call out the corruption and return to actual democracy.” 

About John Rocco Calabrese

John was born in the Finger Lakes region of New York State in 1976. His father, the son of Italian immigrants, was a Game Warden with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. His mother is a lawyer still practicing in Rochester, NY. His grandfather John Conway was a New York State Supreme Court Judge and his grandmother Mary Madden Conway was one of the first female lawyers in New York State history. John was an apprentice woodworker for two years in NY before moving to California where he became a shop supervisor at a cabinet shop in San Jose. John moved to the midwest a decade ago to marry his wife, Wisconsin born, Simone Perrin. They live with their two young boys, Homer 5 and Nelson 3, in Tiffany Township.