GCHS/MS October Students of the Month

Glenwood City High/Middle School is proud to announce the October Students of the Month.  Honesty was the trait that was the focus for our October selection; this trait embodies the ability to refuse to deceive or lie to others.  This trait has proven to be a challenging one to recognize as interactions may mask the opportunity to have students truly demonstrate these characteristics.  We have chosen two students, however, who we believe, epitomize this trait.

[emember_protected] The October Student of the Month at Glenwood City High School is sophomore Allyson Motz.  In nominating Ally, Ms. Hierlmeier stated, “She is a beautiful soul, who is very true to herself, and that is the most important part of honesty. She exudes this light of kindness and integrity. Ally seems incapable of deceit or being insincere, which are key components of honesty.  She is upfront and truthful about how she feels, and is not afraid to tell it like it is.”  Ally is the daughter of Karry and Dean Motz.

The October Student of the Month at Glenwood City Middle School is seventh grader, Elek Anderson.  Elek was recognized by Ms. Holter.  Ms. Holter stated, “He is kind to his friends and does not deceive or try to play tricks on his peers.  If he is uncertain of directions, he is honest and asks for further instruction.  He is a very sincere young man and strives to do his best in everything he attempts.”  Elek is the son of Julie and Craig Anderson.

Students of the Month are rewarded by having a lunch provided for them and a friend as well as being issued a unique piece of Hilltopper apparel.  In addition, students are provided with preferential parking (for them or a family member) for all school events.

Congratulations to Ally and Elek! [/emember_protected]