Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 11-8-2017

Glenwood City MS/HS  
Top 10 List
October 23-November 3, 2017

[emember_protected] 1. Zachary Siegel (8th) for working hard in math and scoring a 90% on his 1st quarter math test!!! 

2. Camden Schultz for his help putting away equipment after sixth period physical education classes. He is the last student in the gym every day and his willingness to help when he is not asked to is a reflection of his character. 

3. Olivia Scalze:  Great extra effort in Algebra 2 – Olivia took advantage of the opportunity to remediate parts of a test, which required extra work.   This extra effort paid off when her test grade went up to a 96%! 

4. Quinn Taylor-Quinn is taking the initiative to learn how to use the video programming software Adobe After Effects on his own! His plan is to teach the Graphic Design students how to do some video edits with the software this December!

5. Jacob Wulff and Daimen Shaleen participated in a nationwide contest for Virtual Business-Personal Finance over the last two weeks. As a team, they earned 4th place for Wisconsin! Excellent work!

6. Quinn Taylor for agreeing to work with an elementary student during that student’s lunch.  He is modeling how to be positive and is helping the student learn how to make good choices during the school day. Quinn’s caring nature and willingness to help others is truly commendable!

7. Commercial Art class students for making posters after the “Attaboy” concert that will be displayed in the MS/HS teachers’ classrooms.  Great job!

8. Chance Rands for helping Jordan Klatt, upon his return to school this week. Jordan is on crutches, and Chance has been carrying Jordan’s binder to all of his classes.

9. Jalissa Hager for putting in over five hours of newsela reading in the first quarter.

10. Maggie Wallin for completing her vocabulary log two weeks before the quarter ended! [/emember_protected]