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Colfax woman involved in water rescue incident

On Friday, October 27th, 2017 aft 3:01 p.m. the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office received a report of a vehicle that was submerged in a retention pond at the Eau Claire Travel Center. The Sheriff’s office along with the Chippewa Fire district responded. 

The vehicle was occupied by a lone occupant and had been parked near the fuel pumps. The individual who had driven the vehicle to the pumps entered the water in an attempt to rescue the occupant of the vehicle. A private citizen entered the water to assist this individual back out of the water. An off duty law enforcement officer from Two Rivers Police Department as well as a retired law enforcement officer from the Florence County Sheriff’s Office entered the water and rescued the lone occupant. The two were able to utilize a tool provided by another bystander to break a window and assist the lone occupant out of the vehicle. The three were able to get onto the roof of the vehicle and awaited the arrival of Chippewa Fire district personnel who assisted them to the shore. The occupant of the vehicle was transported to an area hospital for medical treatment. The cause of the vehicle entering the water is still under investigation.

The occupant of the vehicle was an 88-year-old woman from Colfax, WI. Further identification was not available at press time.