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Colfax schools news briefs: students attend career fairs and other activities

COLFAX — The following news briefs about activities in the Colfax school district were presented to the Board of Education at the October 23 meeting.

Career Fairs

All together, 15 students from Colfax High School attended the Career Fair at the indoor sport complex in Eau Claire on Friday, October 13.

Students were able to meet with multiple universities and technical schools to discuss what each school offered for Colfax students.

During October, a number of students attended other career activities, including nine students who went to the AJ Manufacturing Day in Bloomer. Students were able to see the manufacturing process and inquire about positions and career opportunities offered by the company.

The UWEC Research Center was visited by 36 students from Colfax. The students learned the value of the research center and how college students access data and information.

The Nobel Science Conference was attended by 18 students.


Colfax will have 12 student athletes represent Colfax on Wednesday, November 8, at the annual Dunn St. Croix Sportsmanship Conference Summit.

The Summit is an opportunity for all athletes to discuss the positives and negatives of the sporting seasons and to generate solutions to any major concerns.


Polly Rudi, director of special education, reported that Ms. Huset and her job skills students were invited to present on a youth panel regarding their journey to paid community work at the First Annual Rural Transition Conference November 16 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in Marshfield.

Accelerated Reading

As of the October 23 school board meeting, 412 students in grades kindergarten through sixth were using the Accelerated Reader program. The students have passed 4,527 quizzes so far this year and have earned 3,485.7 points they can use to earn incentives. The average score on the quizzes is 87.3 percent. Students have read 14.6 million words this year.

Fire prevention

The second full week in October was Fire Prevention Week. Junior kindergarten through fifth grade students took part in the fire prevention activities on October 10. Kindergarten students visited the Colfax fire station and enjoyed the activities. Each kindergarten student received a firefighter’s hat, and students were allowed to take their helmets home.

Fire drill

A school district fire drill was held October 12. Don Logslett (fire chief), and Colfax firefighters Joe Solberg and Otis Moore were present during the drill. One student was pulled out by firefighters from Ms. Wining’s room to see if our protocol worked for accounting for each student and adult. We were able to identify the students from both the elementary school/middle school and the high school who were pulled out and “missing.”

Bus safety

National School Bus Safety Week activities took place October 10 through October 20. All students participated in the bus evacuation procedure on October 18 after school.

Apple pies

Lisa Neuburg (family and consumer science teacher) has opened up her kitchen and has volunteered her students to help elementary students bake apple pies for our veterans on Veterans Day. This activity is a great experience not only for elementary students but also our high school students. The cooking lab is a great way to bring our students together to do something special for our local veterans.

Veterans Day

The annual Veterans Day program will be held in the Colfax High School gymnasium at 10 a.m. Friday, November 10.