Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 10-25-2017

Glenwood City MS/HS  Top 10 List
October 9-20, 2017
(we actually have 15 for the past two weeks!)

[emember_protected] 1. Brendan Booth for his ELA argumentative essay.  It was very well organized with great details. 

2. The following students were selected for the UW-Eau Claire High School Honors Band on November 4th: Tressa Peskar, Melina Schultz, Kaitlin Lee, Maddie Oehlke, Isabel Draxler, Nicholas Melendrez, Esther Stauffer, and Annika Bauman.

3. The following students were selected to participate in the Shell Lake Arts Center Middle Level Honors Band Festival on November 2nd:  Justin Moe, Julie Wittmer, Brendan Booth, Emma Lamb, Ryeah Oehlke, Nicholas Hierlmeier, Lyra Ketola, Elek Anderson, and Ian Radintz.

4. Jake Nelson for this leadership with the elementary Physical Education students. He works well with them on their skills while showing compassion for young people. He has really matured into a great leader in our school. 

5. Kloe Dahl reached 60 words per minute in the 6th-grade keyboarding rotation this week! She beat the record that both Emma Lamb and Leah Magsam set back when they were in 6th-grade at 59 words per minute! Impressive skills Kloe!! 

6. Congratulations to both the high school and middle school cross country teams at their conference meet in Colfax.  Sixteen out of the 45 runners placed in the top 15 of their respective races.  That’s 35% of the team!

7. Congratulations to the middle school boys cross country team on their first place finish at conference.  JJ Williams came in first for all runners.

8. Congratulation to Makayla O’Brien and Elizabeth Wink on being a varsity cross country runner for all four years of high school.  They helped their teams win three Dunn-St. Croix Conference and three Sectional Championships plus sectional runners-up their sophomore year.  This will be their fourth time competing at state!

9. Haley Klasse for the help she provides a student from Ron Cipriano’s room during homeroom.  She picks this student up, reads to them, draws with them, and brings them back every Tuesday and Thursday.  She is kind to this student and very helpful. 

10. Makayla O’Brien shows a competitive spirit and positive attitude in our Physical Education class every day. She always has a smile and enjoys a challenge. Her attitude and effort demonstrates her character as a person. 

11. Samantha Peterson for an outstanding job writing her Tuesday’s with Morrie Reflection Essay. 

12. Emma Scholler for hosting a session at our Regional Leadership Academy on the FCCLA scholarship to Japan she won last year.

13. Connor Berends and Allaina Johnson – for 106% on their unit test in Math 6!!

14. The first rotation of Spanish 8 students was fantastic! They were a respectful and positive group to work with!

15. Ryeah Oehlke, Michaela Blaser and Libby Wagner for a positive attitude and great effort on PE. [/emember_protected]