Recycling “Oops” Tags to help Dunn Co. residents with their recycling

The Dunn County Solid Waste & Recycling Division has partnered with Menomonie Disposal to attach “Oops” Tags to curbside recycling bins in an effort to correct issues with recycling compliance.

These bright blue tags will be left on bins from residences that are not following Dunn County’s recycling requirements. The tags focus on the five most common curbside recycling mistakes in Dunn County. As a reminder, recycling is required by law in Wisconsin, and all common recyclable materials must be separated from trash. For those residents with curbside recycling services, each type of recyclable must be separated for pickup in a dedicated container. Plastic bags may not be used to separate recyclables, but paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic buckets, or totes work well for this purpose.   

If one of these tags is placed on your bin, please look to see which common mistake(s) you’ve made, indicated by a large ‘X’ or check mark in the white box. Recycling bins that receive an Oops Tag will not be emptied so that you can correct the mistake before your next scheduled pickup. Disposing of recyclables in the trash is not a corrective measure and is in violation of the Dunn County Waste Control Ordinance and Wisconsin’s Solid Waste Reduction, Recovery and Recycling Law. Failure to follow the requirements of these recycling laws can result in trash not being collected and the potential for fines issued to residences. 

The Dunn County Solid Waste & Recycling Division is here to help! If you have questions regarding an Oops Tag placed on your bin, you can visit, or call 715-232-4017.