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Winding Up the Yarn: All in the line of duty

COLFAX — During the 1960s, Helen Reed, co-owner of the Colfax Messenger, wrote a column called Winding Up the Yarn. The following story was included in the October 19, 1967, edition of the Colfax Messenger.

“It’s all in the line of duty — rescuing damsels in distress — for firemen, and so two of our local firemen, Lloyd Hainstock and Gust Fehr, thought nothing of it when they were called to get a small female kitten from the top of a light pole in the front of the Odd Linberg home.

“She (we’ll call her Gertrude because up to now she had no name) had disappeared one day last week after Mrs. Linberg had let her go outside, and because she had a tendency to wander off when not being watched, the Linbergs didn’t begin to worry about her until in the evening when no Gertrude showed up for her supper.

“The next day when Odd was walking around in the yard, he heard a faint, “Meow!” and after considerable sleuthing, he located the little thing high on the light pole. Now, how to get her down!

“Then it was that the Linbergs thought of the firemen and their nice long ladders. So Gust and Lloyd were asked if they would please get the kitten from atop her lofty perch.

“Very shortly, the fire truck and the two men arrived, and while Lloyd held the ladder, Gust went up to get the frightened, shivering tabby.

“Finally, after a little persuasion, Gertrude accepted a ride down the ladder and was ever so happy to be taken in the house to be washed and fed, and Gust and Lloyd and the fire truck went home.”