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Colfax Fairgrounds buildings will not be rented out for winter storage

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — On the surface, it seems like it might be a good idea to rent out buildings at the Colfax Fairgrounds for winter storage.

Ultimately, however, the Colfax Village Board decided at the October 9 meeting against renting out the fairgrounds buildings.

Gary Stene, village president, reported he had received two telephone calls about using buildings at the fairgrounds for winter storage of recreation vehicles.

Lynn Niggemann, village administrator-clerk-treasurer, said she had spoken with Department of Public Works employees Rand Bates (director of public works) and Don Logslett and all three of them had agreed that it would “not be ideal” to rent out the FFA’s arts and crafts building.

“That leaves our own building, but it’s not in tip-top shape,” Niggemann said.

The village’s building — sometimes called the pavilion and sometimes referred to as the commercial building — is next to the arts and crafts building.

The roof of the village’s building has a few leaky spots, and the doors are not high enough to bring an RV inside, Niggemann noted.

Another concern would be making sure vehicles came into the building after a certain date and were taken out of the building before a certain date, Niggemann said.

Village Trustee Keith Burcham wondered about liability.

If someone were going to rent the building for winter storage, proof of insurance on the vehicles would be required, Niggemann said.

“It’s not ideal,” she said, pointing out storage agreements would have to be on a “first come – first served basis.”

All together, Niggemann said she has received six or seven calls about renting the fairgrounds buildings for storage.

Several village board members wondered also about problems with moving vehicles to get to other vehicles because the owners wanted their property out sooner rather than later.

If there was a vehicle in the middle someone else wanted to get out first, the other vehicles would have to be moved out and then moved back in, they said.

“I’m not in favor, but I said would put it on the agenda,” Niggemann said.

After checking with other storage facilities in the area, Niggemann said she determined a reasonable price would be $300 to store something from mid-October until April.

Some storage facilities also charge by the foot, she said.

“I think it could become a headache,” said Annie Schieber, village trustee.

“Me, too,” said Village Trustee Dave Wolff.

The Colfax Village Board unanimously approved a motion to not rent the fairgrounds buildings for winter storage.

Village Trustees Casey Rihn and Carey Davis were absent from the meeting.