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Boyceville wins Food Fight Challenge

Boyceville reclaimed the title of Food Fight Challenge winner for 2017. Both school districts did such a superb job and collectively everyone is a winner! 

The effort and donations everyone put forth in this year’s Food Fight Challenge made this event a success, possibly the best yet! 

A total of 3,627 pounds of food was collected and $3,091.22 was collected overall.

GCHS collected a total of $1,044.27 and 1,730 pounds which equals 4,862.81 (3 lbs. for every dollar). BHS collected a total of $2,046.95 and 1,897 pounds which equals 8,037.85 (3 lbs. for every dollar).

Both Cheer squads collected money during the minute madness at half time. It was so close that a recount was needed to double check results.

The GCHS Squad collected $318.02 in cash and the BHS squad collected $321.45 giving it the challenge win by a margin of $3.43! That was so close and such an amazing job by both cheerleading squads.

The funds and food collected will be shared amongst the Glenwood City Backpack program, the Boyceville Weekend Meal’s program and the local food pantry.

The hard work and unending support this year and every year in this event from the community and school districts of Glenwood City and Boyceville is appreciated.