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Colfax approves trading in 2001 and 2004 Chevys and buying new for $59,000

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Public works employees in Colfax will soon have two new Chevrolet Silverados to replace the 2001 and 2004 sewer and water and street trucks.

The Colfax Village Board at the September 25 meeting reviewed bids from Colfax Chevrolet, Northtown Ford and Gilberts of Sand Creek and agreed that, pending the receipt of the final estimate in writing, the village would buy two new Chevrolets from Colfax Chevrolet for a total price of $59,082.

The estimate of a total price for two trucks from Northtown Ford was $61,534, and the estimate of the total price from Gilberts was $59,190.

The idea is to put the sewer and water and the street trucks on a rotation so they are replaced every six years.

This time around, the streets truck will be replaced after four years so replacement of both trucks will not continue to occur in the same year.

The strategy, which the village has applied to other equipment, such as a mower and a skid loader, allows the equipment to remain on warranty. When it comes time to trade the equipment in, the village receives a high trade-in value and is able to replace the equipment at a cost much less than if the village board waited until there was no value left in the equipment on trade in.

Rand Bates, director of public works, has gone on record saying it is a waste of taxpayer money to continue to run old equipment until it requires thousands of dollars in repairs to keep it running, especially when the repairs end up costing more than the trade-in value the village would receive for the equipment.

Budgeting becomes much easier to replace equipment on a rotation, noted Casey Rihn, village trustee.

If the equipment is replaced while still under warranty, the village has no repair bills to pay and only needs to replace the tires and change the oil, he said.

The village could keep the 2004 streets truck as a backup, but Colfax Chevrolet has offered $10,000 on a trade-in, Bates said.

If Colfax Chevrolet is offering $10,000 in trade-in on the 2004, “we’d better take advantage of it,” said Carey Davis, village trustee.

The money for the streets vehicle will come from the village’s undesignated fund, and the cost of the sewer and water utility vehicle will be split between the sewer and water fund balances.

The vehicles will not cost the taxpayers any additional money since the village already has the money in the fund balances, said Gary Stene, village president.

Based on the recommendation of the public works committee, the Colfax Village Board unanimously approved a motion to trade in the 2001 and 2004 village trucks at Colfax Chevrolet and buy two new trucks for $59,082, pending written confirmation of the bid.

The village board also approved a motion to purchase an aluminum flatbed once the village has received confirmation in writing of the price from Goodrich Trailers Sales, Johnson Trailer Sales or a dealer carrying PJ truck bodies. The estimate for a steel truck bed from Johnson Trailer Sales was $2,690.

In addition, the village board approved a motion to purchase a service body for the other truck from Indianhead Truck Equipment at a cost of $7,400.

Village Trustee Annie Schieber was absent from the meeting.

Frontier mower

At the September 25 meeting, the Colfax Village Board also approved purchasing an $8,350 Frontier disc mower from Tractor Central out of Menomonie for $850.

The public works department is currently using a Rhino mower that was purchased because it could extend down to the water at the wastewater treatment lagoons, Bates said.

The Rhino mower is really a brush cutter and does not work well for cutting grass, he said.

The Frontier disc mower will attach to the back of the tractor, Bates said.

Tractor Central is offering a $7,500 trade-in value on the Rhino mower, and when the trade-in is applied to the Frontier mower, the difference is $850.

Value Implement offered a New Holland mower for $8,925 with a trade-in value of $7,000 for the Rhino, with a total price, when the trade-in was applied, of $1,925.

John Deere mower

In the third of three agenda items related to the purchase of equipment, the Colfax Village Board approved buying a John Deere finish mower from Tractor Central at a cost of $9,299 for a $24,799 mower.

Tractor Central offered a $15,500 trade in on the village’s 2015 John Deer mower.

The motion approved by the village board authorized the trade in on the John Deere mower either this fall or next spring, whichever was of greater advantage to the village, and to keep the mower on a three-year rotation.

The village board’s parks committee made a recommendation to the village board to purchase both mowers.

Other business

In other business, the Colfax Village Board:

• Approved a request from the Colfax High School student council to hold the homecoming pep rally bonfire at the Colfax Fairgrounds September 28 and waived the fee for use of the fairgrounds.

• Approved a request from Synergy Cooperative to transfer the beer license for Cedar Country Cooperative that expires June 30, 2018, to Synergy Cooperative, effective October 1. According to a letter from Karl Varnes, general manager, Cedar Country Cooperative, United Ag Cooperative and Lakeland Cooperative Services will merge and become Synergy Cooperative as of October 1. The new entity will retain the Federal ID number of Lakeland Cooperative, the surviving cooperative.

• Approved a request from Synergy Cooperative to transfer the tobacco license for Cedar Country Cooperative that expires June 30, 2018, to Synergy Cooperative, effective October 1.

• Approved a bartender operator’s license for Marian Lynn (Express Mart) from September 25 to June 30, 2018.