Elk Mound village board tours former Marshfield Clinic building

ELK MOUND — The Elk Mound village president and trustees let their creative juices flow during their most recent meeting.

The assembled board spent approximately 25 minutes looking over former Marshfield Clinic Elk Mound Center July 5 at the end of the meeting. There has been discussion in recent months regarding the length of time the building has not been in use.

[emember_protected] The board stepped away from the village hall to meet at the former medical facility and look over the clinic building. While some board members saw a great space for a nursing home or assisted living facility, others noted the space would make a good child care center or real estate office.

Dunn County Economic Development Executive Director Eric Turner was present for the tour, and returned to the village hall with the board to listen to the discussion and offer information as necessary.

Village president Steven Abraham opened the discussion of the building by informing the board Marshfield Clinic can send building plans in electronic format to the village or other interested parties.

“Whether we’re interested, or others are interested, we can get building plans,” he said.

Among other ideas for the space were a dental clinic, funeral home, and transitional living facility, but Turner indicated he thought the best use of the space would be a 24-hour child care center.

He told the board the land around the facility and parking space available would provide adequate space for child play areas and parents picking children up or dropping them off.

In the end, though, the village will have to decide what its hopes are for the building.

“Do you really want to get into the real estate business?” Turner asked. “Or, do you want to help in the real estate being used effectively?”

Abraham noted he would like to see the building in use, but did not elaborate on whether the village plans to purchase the building, or if the plan is to assist Marshfield Clinic in finding someone to purchase or lease the building.

Other business

The board also discussed several other items during the July 5 meeting.

Trustees Debra Creaser-Kipp and Montana Boettcher continue to work on getting quotes for village board business cards, and Abraham plans to contact the company who made his business cards for a quote as well. The village president also noted he would like to contact a printing company based in Glenwood City for an estimated cost as well.

Abraham informed the board he and interim police chief Mike Tietz spent some time at the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office recently, and he left the meeting feeling like the village had the county’s support in identifying village needs and the search for a new police chief. Sheriff Dennis Smith will be attending a village board meeting in the future to speak to the board.

The board approved a bartender’s license for Brianna Ashley Mizer at the Mound View Store. [/emember_protected]