EM man charged in connection with failing to pay for truck

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE  — A 38-year-old Elk Mound man faces a felony charge in connection with failing to pay about $10,000 to a credit union on a truck he had “parted out” and sold.

Matthew A. Lyman was scheduled to make an initial appearance in Dunn County Circuit Court May 9 on one felony count of failing to pay in violation of a security agreement.

Lyman failed to appear before Judge James Peterson, and the initial appearance was rescheduled for June 13.

[emember_protected] According to the criminal complaint, the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department received a Writ of Execution on December 28, 2016, from Marine Credit Union against Matthew A. Lyman and Linda J. Lyman for the repossession of a 2002 Dodge truck.

A deputy from the sheriff’s department was unable to reach Lyman until January 17 when he made telephone contact. Lyman told the deputy he no longer had the truck, and it was “wrecked” from working on the farm.

Lyman told the deputy he only had the transmission and the frame. The rest of the vehicle had been parted out and sold, according to the complaint.

The deputy made contact with Marine Credit Union and said Lyman no longer had the truck, and  he only had the frame and the transmission. A representative for Marine Credit Union told the deputy Lyman still owed over $10,000 on the vehicle, according to the complaint.

After that, the deputy attempted to make contact again with Lyman and left numerous telephone messages and stopped at Lyman’s residence. Lyman never returned the deputy’s telephone calls, and when the deputy stopped at the residence, no one would answer the door.

The deputy spoke with Linda Lyman February 18. Linda Lyman told the deputy Matthew Lyman no longer owned the vehicle, and it had been parted out and sold.

Marine Credit Union informed the deputy no one had given Lyman permission to take the truck apart and sell the parts, according to the complaint.

Failure to pay in violation of a security agreement is a Class H felony that carries a penalty, if convicted, of a fine of up to $10,000 and/or up to six years in prison. [/emember_protected]