Local election next Tuesday, April 4

On Tuesday, April 4th the statewide general spring election will be held. This election will choose people to serve as members of local government bodies, from towns, villages and school boards and city council.

There are several area municipalities that will have contests for their respective boards. Below is a list of local municipal elections. For complete information and sample ballots please look inside this issue of the Tribune Press Reporter for that listing. Included within the pages are ballot notices from Dunn County municipalities and for St. Croix County residents, a special insert is included for all newspapers distributed within St. Croix County.

If more information is needed, the local clerks office should be able to answer those questions.

Town of Forest

In the St. Croix Township of Forest there is a contest for Town Chairman with Roger Swanepoel challenging incumbent chair, Jamie Junker. For the two seats on the board, three candidates are running. Bruce Fouks is running against incumbents Laverne Hoitomt and Craig Paulson. 

For the town clerk and treasurer, Anne Johnston and Nikki Sunday are running unopposed for another term.

Town of Glenwood

Here is a rematch of the election of two years ago where incumbent Town Chairman Joe Draxler was defeated in his bid for another term by Mark Maes. Now both Maes and Draxler are on the ballot for the top spot in on the town board.

There is also a contest for the Town Clerk and Treasurer’s spot. Incumbent Town Clerk, Mike Myers has chosen not to seek another. Seeking the job are Joyce Keenlyne and Heidi Wagner and for treasurer, incumbent treasurer Audrey Maes is being challenged by Julie Dubois.

Town of Emerald

Here in Emerald Township, long time Town Clerk Barb Prinsen and Don Prinsen, the town treasurer are not seeking another term. There was not person nominated at the town caucus to run for the clerk’s job so there is no name on the April 4th ballot.

As for Town Treasurer, Cheryl Slind is running for that position.

Henry Hurtgen is unopposed for another term as Town Chairman as are Francis Klatt and Tom Wink as Town Board Supervisors.

Town of Springfield

Here only incumbents are seeking to be returned to the town board with Dean R. Fayerweather seeking another term as Town Chairman with James Mahoney and Brian R. Mahoney running unopposed for the two supervisors seats.

Town of Cady

Four people are seeking the two seats on the Town Board. They are Jim Mikla, Bob Klanderman, Alex Koeppel and Jacob Schnur.

Running unopposed for Town Chairman is Mike Tully as are Shelly Ninneman for Town Clerk and Carla Greiber for Town Treasurer.

Village of Wilson

In the Village of Wilson, there are contests for both Village President and for the open seat on the Village Board. Dennis Cowan, incumbent Village President is being challenged for that job by Jennifer Thatcher, who is also challenging incumbent Trustee Michelle Nelson.

Village of Boyceville

There are no contests for in the Village for seats on the Village Board. The incumbents are Gilbert Krueger as Village President and Mary A. Lagerstrom, Bud Gilbertson and Bradley D. Stevens for Trustees.

Village of Downing

Incumbent Village President Greg Holden is seeking another term, as is David Bischel as Village Trustee and Susan Petranovich as Village Clerk.

Village of Wheeler

James M. Carter is running for another term as Wheeler Village President and Marlene A. Larson is on the ballot for the open seat on the Village Board.

Village of Knapp

Voters in Knapp will chose between two people running for Village President and four for the three open seats on the Village Board. Incumbent President Matt Friest is not seeking another term and Ronald Finder and Georgene Close are the candidates for President.

The four people running for the three open seats on the Village Board in Knapp and they are Ramona Sobottka, Agene Lempke, Curt Matula and Tony Flom. Flom, Lemke and Matula are the incumbents.

Town of New Haven

In New Haven Township there are races for all the offices in the Township including the race for Town Chairman. Here incumbent chair, Marv Prestrud not only has an opponent on the ballot, Doug Enloe, but also faces write in candidate Brian Loida. 

Four people are seeking the two open seats on the town board. They are Jeff Carlsrud, Paul Danovsky, Tom Schoonover and incumbent Don Cormican. The other incumbent Jill Huber is not seeking another term on the town board.

For Town Treasurer, incumbent Laura Ulrich is being challenged by Renee Bartz and the Town Clerk; Diane Duerst is facing a write-in challenge from Kimberly Durland.

Town of Tiffany

Electors in the Town of Tiffany have a full ballot of candidates to choose from next Tuesday. Incumbent Town Chair, Chuck Siler is being challenged by Mike Blechinger, who currently holds the Second Supervisor’s seat.

For the First supervisor seat, Mike Benson and David Bartz are seeking the seat now held by Joe Adams and for the Second Supervisor seat; Stephen M. Boyd and Robert Utphall are on the ballot.

For Town Treasurer, Laura Rasmussen is being challenged by Carla Benson and Katie Moll is running unopposed for Town Clerk.

Town of Stanton

Here three people are seeking the two open seats on the Town Board. They are Bob Anderson, Steven Nielsen and Melissa Schutz. Rich Monn is running unopposed for another term as Town Chairman.

In the Town of Stanton, the clerk and treasurer’s position is appointed by the town board.

Town of Hay River

In Hay River Township, there are not contests on the ballot for next Tuesday’s election. Here incumbent Town Chairman, Russell W. Hitz is seeking another term as are the two town board members, Cindy Hoff and Ned Hahn.

Michelle Drury is running unopposed for another term as Town Clerk as is Susan Hitz for Town Treasurer.