Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 3-26-2017

Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 List
March 13-24, 2017

1. Kinzie Strong for singing her solo in front of a couple hundred people at the Spring Concert!

2. Maggie Wallin for singing her musical theatre solo in front of a couple hundred people at the Spring Concert!

3. Jacob Traynor for earning a trip to state with his Vocal Solo!

4. HS Destination Imagination students Rachel Bloss, Jacob Traynor, Ethan Berends, Alex Brigham & Gavan Strehlo for building two balsa wood structures that worked together to hold weight and creating a skit about two countries that work together.  This team has advanced to the state DI tournament.

5. HS DI students Alyssa Jones, Nyah Anderson, Ally Motz, Tom Rosenow and Elijah Simmons for creating an medieval era skit about a secret mission in which messages are decoded.  This team has also advanced to the state DI tournament.

6. MS DI students Briana Brandt, Kristin Dayton, Izzy Draxler, Marie Garcia, Emma Lamb and Justin Moe for conducting a service learning project to raise awareness of depression and suicide awareness.  Then they created a fable about their project that they presented at the DI tournament and scored well enough to advance.

7. MS DI students Elek Anderson, Elizabeth Dayton, Aubree Logghe, Margarita Mundo, Gavan Strehlo and Ellery Unser for creating and performing an excellent skit about the color yellow.  Their skit took place in Ancient Greece and each of them portrayed a god or goddess.  This team will also be performing at the state tournament.

8. The entire Yearbook staff, led by editors Catherine Schurtz, Matthew Bauman, Biri Mendez and Emma Scholler, for successful completion of the entire 2017 Glenwood City High School Messenger Yearbook!

9. Jessie DeMar for taking on a challenging sculpture project in 3D Design and Jewelry class.

10. Kaylie Scalzie for coming into the art room during her lunch hour to make sure her projects are “top notch.”