Colfax recommends lift station location for salt-sand shed

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  —  A new storage shed for salt-sand may eventually be located at the village’s lift station on state Highway 170 on the west side of Colfax.

The Colfax Village Board’s public property committee at the March 20 meeting recommended that the village board approve the lift station location for the salt-sand shed.

State law requires the salt-sand used on slippery roads in the winter be stored on a concrete slab under a roof or some kind of cover.

The 1903 building on Evergreen Street has been used as a salt-sand shed for a number of years.

Last September, the Colfax Village Board approved demolishing the building and accepted a bid from T&R Recycling out of Chippewa Falls in the amount of $3,300.

Village board members have become increasingly concerned about the stability of the building over the past year or two, and now that the overhead door can no longer be closed, the building also cannot be secured.

On a tour of village facilities last summer, board members noticed footprints in the salt-sand indicating that children have been playing inside the building. 

Because the floor of the building is concrete and the building has a roof, the village continued using it to store salt-sand over the winter, said Lynn Niggemann, village administrator-clerk-treasurer.

The amount to demolish the building is already in the budget for this year, she noted.

The area around the lift station has room for a salt-sand shed, and it would be useful to put the structure where the village’s shop will eventually be located, said Rand Bates, director of public works. 

Putting the salt-sand shed at the lift station would give the village more flexibility in disposing of the lot on Evergreen Street, said Scott Gunnufson, village president and a member of the public property committee.

Gunnufson said a business owner in town has expressed interest in acquiring the lot where the 1903 building currently stands.

The public property committee unanimously approved recommending that the salt-sand shed on Evergreen Street be demolished as soon as possible.

The public property committee also unanimously approved recommending to the village board that the location for a salt-sand shed should be by the lift station.

In addition to Gunnufson, Village Trustee Dave Wolff serves as chair of the property committee. Village Trustee Annie Schieber also serves on the public property committee.