Mounder girls sweep Cards, Wolves to stay in chase for Dunn-St. Croix title

By Cara L. Dempski

ELK MOUND — The Elk Mound girls’ basketball team must have great luck to be playing four home games in the final two weeks of the regular season. 

The team cruised toward its final week of regular season play against two teams it had already beaten this season, and took a relaxed approach to both match-ups.

The 11-1 Mounders remained just one-half game behind conference leader Durand as they played both the Spring Valley and Elmwood/Plum City squads in the second-to-last week before attempting a run to the state tournament.

The Cardinals traveled to Elk Mound High School on February 7 for their second meeting this season with the Mounders. The home squad drilled the birds into the hardwood on parents’ night with a 75-29 win that seemed easy for the Elk Mound girls.

They hosted the Wolves on February 10 in the hopes of maintaining their winning streak. Elk Mound led by 28 points at the half, and won the game 67-26.

One of Elk Mound’s toughest contests occurred on Monday, February 13, when the team took on Colfax for a second time this season. The game could give the Mounders a share of the Dunn-St. Croix lead, or could leave them in second place as they head into regional play.

The Mounders will close out their regular season on February 16 with a match-up against the Glenwood City Hilltoppers. 

Elk Mound is seeded second in its regional and earned a bye in the February 21 quarterfinals round. The Mounders will host the winner of the February 21 game between seventh-seeded Arcadia and tenth-seeded Mauston on Friday, February 24.

Spring Valley

Mounder head coach Jordan Kongshaug is happy with how his team is playing right now, and it is not just because of the wins.

“Our kids played well tonight,” he said of Elk Mound’s home win over Spring Valley. “They’re playing really well as a team. I know that’s kind of a cliché, but they really are.”

Elk Mound smashed into the Spring Valley Cardinals in their February 7 conference meet-up, and there was no question who the eventual winner of the game would be from the get-go. The Mounders out-played, out-rebounded, out-ran, and substantially out-scored the Cardinals in the 75-29 smack-down the orange and black dished out to sweep the Cards for the season.

Kongshaug expressed pleasure in watching the more seasoned varsity players on the team taking the time to help their teammates – starters and from the bench – set up not just good shots, but the best shots possible. All 13 players on the varsity roster picked up some minutes on the court, and 12 of the 13 scored.

Elizabeth Fasbender continued a strong final season by leading the Elk Mound squad offensively with 20 points. Morgan Radtke earned 13 points, but used her sizable wingspan more than once to snatch the ball from the Cardinals.

Kami King added 10 points with five field goals, and Megan Krall and Allie Weber each picked up seven points apiece. Ashley Gunderson-Morris earned four points with a pair of field goals, Kaitlyn Baier, Madysen Borofka and Crista Sweeney all picked up three points, Riley Radtke and Gracie Peterson tied with two, and Hannah Cedarblade dropped in a single free throw.

Kaitlyn Schreiber led the Cardinals’ scoring effort with seven points.


Spring Valley……………………..13  16 — 29
Elk Mound………………………..44  31 — 75


Spring Valley (11-2-16-29) T. Huntress 2-0-2-4, C. Wegener 1-0-2-2, S. Bune 0-0-1-0, K. Schreiber 3-1-2-7, A. Lee 1-2-2-3, T. Cipriano 1-0-1-2, S. Kaveh 0-0-0-3, B. O’Brien 1-0-0-2, H. Anderson 1-0-1-2, L. Johansen 1-0-2-2, G. Larson 1-0-1-2.

Elk Mound (26-11-8-75) H. Cedarblade 0-1-0-1, A. Weber 1-2-1-7, E. Fasbender 6-2-0-20, K. King 5-0-1-10, M. Radtke 6-1-2-13, K. Baier 1-1-1-3, M. Krall 2-3-0-7, R. Radtke 1-0-0-2, G. Peterson 1-0-1-2, A. Gunderson-Morris 2-0-1-4, M. Borofka 0-0-0-3, M. Radtke 6-1-2-13, A. Schindler 0-0-1-0, C. Sweeney 1-1-0-3.

THREE-POINTERS SV — S. Kaveh 1, B. O’Brien 1; A. Weber 1, E Fasbender 2, M. Borofka 1.

Elmwood/Plum City

The Mounders went 0-2 over the Wolves this season after cruising to a 67-26 win over the Elmwood/Plum City girls’ squad at Elk Mound on February 10.

“I really appreciate the girls’ effort,” Coach Kongshaug said. “They played great team basketball. We will work to keep it going during the stretch run.”

Kongshaug gave all 13 players on his roster some floor time in the win, and 11 of those players scored. At the top of Elk Mound’s offensive drive was junior Allie Weber, who canned five outside shots for three and a single two-point sinker for 17 points. 

Elizabeth Fasbender earned 12 points for the team, and Morgan Radtke was four-for-four from the line and added three field goals for a total of 10 points. Kami King contributed eight, Megan Krall dropped in six, and Madysen Borofka scored four.

Hannah Cedarblade and Ashley Gunderson-Morris each picked up three on field goals outside the arc, , and Riley Radtke and Gracie Peterson scored two each.

Hannah Feuker was Elmwood/Plum City’s top-score holder with seven points. 

Elmwood/Plum City……………10  16 — 26
Elk Mound………………………..38  29 — 67


Elmwood/Plum City (8-7-7-26) A. Peterson 1-0-0-2, K. Sabelko 1-1-3-3, K. Feuker 0-2-0-2, J. Helmueller 2-0-2-4, E. Funk 0-1-0-4, A. Glampe 1-2-0-4, H. Feuker 3-1-2-7.

Elk Mound (19-8-11-67) K. Baier 0-0-1-0, H. Cedarblade 1-0-2-17, A. Weber 1-0-2-17, E. Fasbender 4-4-0-12, M. Krall 3-0-1-6, R. Radtke 1-0-0-2, K. King 4-0-0-8, G. Peterson 1-0-0-2, A. Gunderson-Morris 0-0-0-3, M. Borofka 2-0-1-4, M. Radtke 3-4-2-10, C. Sweeney 0-0-1-0.

THREE-POINTERS EPC — E. Funk 1; EM — H. Cedarblade 1, A. Weber 5, A. Gunderson-Morris 1.