Colfax school board approves 237 open enrollment spaces and 0 special education

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  —  The Colfax Board of Education has approved 237 regular education open enrollment spaces in the elementary school, middle school and high school and zero for special education.

The school board held a special meeting January 30 to consider the spaces available for open enrollment.

A change in state law last year requires the open enrollment spaces be approved by the end of January.

A case load formula from the Department of Public Instruction recommends a caseload of 26 to 1, said Polly Rudi, director of special education.

Colfax exceeds the ratio of 26 to 1 in all areas, so no spaces are available for special education open enrollment, she said.

The 26 to 1 ratio applies to kindergarten through 12th grade.

Colfax also is above recommended caseload in other areas as well.

The recommended caseload for the self-contained classroom is 8 to 1.

In speech/language, the recommended caseload is 35 to 1 for a minimal disability; 15 to 1 for moderate; and 12 to 1 for comprehensive.

For occupational therapy, the recommended caseload is 18 to 1 for three days per week.

For physical therapy, the recommended caseload is 3 to 1 for four hours per week.

Regular ed

The Colfax school board has designated 30 students per classroom as the maximum capacity of seats available, and a classroom will be deemed full at 90 percent capacity to allow for any district growth, Rudi said.

A two-section grade level at 90 percent capacity is 54 students; and a three-section grade level at 90 percent capacity is 81 students, she said.

Based on the allowable number of students per classroom and 90 percent capacity, the junior kindergarten has four spaces available while kindergarden and first grade each have 31 spaces available. 

Second grade has 29 spaces available, and third grade has 25 spaces.

Fourth grade has 23 spaces, and fifth grade has 16.

Sixth grade does not have any spaces available.

Seventh grade has three spaces, and eighth grade has 31 spaces.

Ninth grade has 20 spaces while tenth grade has one space available.

Eleventh grade has ten spaces available, and twelfth grade has 13 spaces.

Of the 237 spaces that are available, 159 spaces are at Colfax Elementary.

Colfax middle school has 34 spaces, and Colfax High School has 44 spaces.

The Colfax Board of Education unanimously approved the number of spaces available in the regular education classrooms and that zero spaces are available in special education.