Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
January 2-13, 2017

1. Contemporary Social Issues students for a successful Senior Project Presentation day! 

2. Julie McNamara for her daily positive attitude and outstanding effort in Personal Finance. Julie is always the first to say “Good morning!” and “Have a great day!” to me which is very much appreciated!

3. Gavin Janson for the only perfect score on his Jeffersonian Test.

4. Rachel Bloss, Nicholas Melendrez, Jeff Schone, Matthew Bauman and Tyler Owen for an AMAZING job running the concession stand for History Club!

5. Top Interpreters of Shakespeare:  Tyler Owen, Dylan Olson, Hanna Strehlo, Will Owen, Becca Peterson.

6. Another group of students who excel at Shakespeare:  Marcus Ullom, Kaylie Krueger, Julie McNamara, Carlos Perez, Michaela Nyhus, A.J. Blomberg, Taylor Drinkman, Brittany Clemens, Spencer Peterson, Corey Klatt and Jacob Traynor.

7. Abby Kremer and Tressa Peskar for stellar analysis of independent novels.

8. Darcy Peabody for doing remarkably well on her Huck Finn test!

9. Exploring Art and Painting students who attended the fieldtrip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  They represented Glenwood City with exceptional behavior and proper museum etiquette.  

10. MacKenzie Nelson for her enthusiasm and hard work in Drawing and Design class.