GCHS/MS December Students of the Month

Glenwood City High/Middle School is proud to announce the December Students of the Month.  Each month, students are chosen based on their demonstration of a predetermined trait.  December’s trait was COMPASSION; we were looking for students who are able to show a genuine concern and for others in many situations. 

The December Student of the Month at Glenwood City High School is senior, Leslie Peralta. Leslie is currently working as a TAP (student-aide) student for Mrs. Jones who says that, not only is Leslie hardworking and self-sufficient, but she finds her to be very compassionate. Ms. Jones nomination stated, “Leslie does a great job of helping out all students during class, but I often noticed that she keeps an eye out for those students that are struggling or need additional help. Her compassion for our ELL students and those students with special needs is very apparent and noteworthy.  In a calm and caring manner, she will assist kids that may have missed or misunderstood directions or that struggle with fine motor skills.” Due to her empathetic nature and truly kind heart, she is this month’s recipient. Leslie is the daughter of Ms. Ana Maria Pavon and Mr. Andres Peralta.

The November Student of the Month at Glenwood City Middle School is eighth grader, Kristin Dayton. Kristin’s Destination Imagination (DI) team has decided to do a community service project to help people with depression suicide prevention.  Ms. Nelson (DI Coordinator) stated, “Kristin is a leader in the group.  Her heart is truly in this project.  In class, Kristin is willing to be partners with anyone and will often choose those who need help or just need a friend.” Kristin is the daughter of Rebecca Jones and Kevin Dayton.  

Students of the Month are rewarded by having a lunch provided for them and a friend as well as being issued a unique piece of Hilltopper apparel. This year, students will also be provided with preferential parking (for them or a family member) as well as a trip to a special event later this year.

Congratulations to both Leslie and Kristin!