Colfax boys basketball team trampled by Hilltoppers, wins in Turtle Lake

By Cara L. Dempski

The Colfax boys’ basketball head coach Garrett Maas and his team knew the Glenwood City squad was a better team than its 1-9 record indicated.

Last Friday, the Hilltoppers proved just that with a 71-64 victory over the Vikings. It was Colfax’s fourth conference loss of the year and dropped the team to 1-4 in the Dunn-St. Croix.

The Vikings hoped to add a win to their record against the Turtle Lake Lakers on January 14. Despite the conference loss to the Hilltoppers, Colfax turned around and played a healthy game against the Lakers to win 64-48.

Colfax is now tied for sixth place in the D-SC boys’ standings with Glenwood City. They are 4-8 overall as they head into six-week stretch of conference match-ups. 

The Viking squad played on its home court against Elmwood/Plum City on January 17, and will visit Mondovi on January 20 for its first match-up with the Buffaloes this season. Colfax will boast a home court advantage against Durand on January 26.

Glenwood City

Most teams would think playing a team with a record like Glenwood City’s would be a breeze of a game. The first half of the January 12 contest between the Vikings and Hilltoppers indicated a win for Colfax would be hard to come by after it trailed 40-19.

“I told the kids coming in, because we watched three tapes of Glenwood City, they’re a much better team than a 1-9 record,” head coach Garrett Maas said after Colfax’s 74-61 loss. “I was really disappointed with our effort in the first half.”

The Vikings led the game for one minute after senior Aliymu Davis put up a shot from deep in the backcourt for three to lead the game 3-2. The Hilltoppers responded with a series of three-point shots and free throws to lift them to 9-3 with barely 2:30 off the clock in the opening half.

Colfax had difficulty pulling down rebounds in the opening minutes of the game, a concern that corrected itself as time ticked of the clock. It was not until late in the first half that the Vikings started reeling in the ball after unsuccessful shots, but by then the Hilltoppers had run up a 21-point lead to make the score 40-19 at the half-way point.

Maas was pleased with the way his team battled back in the second half, pulling within eight points of the Hilltoppers with six minutes left to play, but said the Vikings cannot dig a hole like they did in the first half and expect to win games.

The Vikings more than doubled their scoring effort in the second half, tacking up another 42 points to end the game with 61 total, but it was not enough to overcome the deficit at halftime. 

Senior Jacob Larson took control of the second half scoring, copping 14 points for a total of 20 in the contest. He led the Colfax defensive effort after the Hilltoppers seemed to find a way to block sophomore George Scharlau’s scoring opportunities at every turn.

Davis managed to record 13 points before fouling out of the game late in the second half. Scharlau finally got started in the second half and earned eight points for the Vikings, but fouled out with 3:24 left to play. Marcus Reisdorf contributed seven points, Ben Thompson added five, Treyton Teige had four points, and Matthew Reisdorf and Ed Hydukovich picked up two points apiece.

Glenwood City sophomore Dillon Hierlmeier was the game’s highest-scoring player, drilling in 25 points.


Colfax…………………………….19  42 — 61
Glenwood City………………..40  34 — 74


Colfax (18-13-20-61) B. Thompson 1-0-2-5, A. Davis 4-2-5-13, J. Larson 6-8-3-20, T. Teige 0-1-1-4, G. Scharlau 2-1-5-8, Mat. Reisdorf 3-1-1-7, A. Pretasky 0-0-1-0, Mar. Reisdorf 1-0-2-2, E. Hydukovich 1-0-0-2.

Glenwood City (27-11-20-74) D. Hierlmeier 6-3-2-25, P. Hill 3-1-4-7, H. DeSmith 4-0-1-8, Q. Taylor 1-1-3-3, R. Schutz 3-4-4-10, T. Davis 8-1-1-16, A. Croes 2-1-5-5.

C — B. Thompson 1, A. Davis 1, T. Teige 1, G. Scharlau 1; GC — D. Hierlmeier 3.

Turtle Lake

Colfax boys’ head coach Garrett Maas knew the road trip the Vikings took to Turtle Lake on January 14 could be a very good thing. 

He explained why after the team’s loss to Glenwood City on January 12: “Hopefully we can get this bad taste out of our mouth against a good Turtle Lake team.”

It appears there was no bad taste in the Vikings’ mouths on Saturday, since they walked away from the Lakers with a 64-48 win. Colfax looked more like the team that kept Elk Mound on its toes the previous week when they held the Lakers away from the basket.

“We did a good job communicating,” Maas said. “Any time you can go on the road and beat a quality opponent like Turtle Lake, who was 9-2, you feel pretty good about the way that you played.”

Now, Maas hopes the Vikings can follow up the contest against the Lakers with another win for Colfax’s first back-to-back victories this season.

Sophomore Ben Thompson broke away from the pack to lead the Vikings, and the game, with 21 points. The guard had four field goals, shot for three from outside the arc, and put in four of five attempted charity throws.

Thompson’s classmate, George Scharlau, got in on the fun with 17 points of his own, and senior Jacob Larson put together 10 points on the way to the Vikings’ final score. Treyton Teige contributed seven points, Aliymu Davis scored six before running into foul trouble, and Adam Pretasky nailed a three-point shot to round out the score at 64.

Turtle Lake’s Jonah Kahl, a junior, led the Lakers’ offense with 20 points.


Colfax………………………33  31 — 64
Turtle Lake……………….25  23 — 48


Colfax (13-11-17-64) B. Thompson 4-4-1-21, A. Davis 1-1-4-6, J. Larson 5-0-3-10, T. Teige 0-4-3-7, G. Scharlau 3-2-3-17, A. Pretasky 0-0-0-3, Mat. Reisdorf 0-0-3-0.

Turtle Lake (15-9-17-48) E. Bauer 2-0-4-4, J. Beach 0-0-2-0, C. Torgerson 4-2-3-10, J. Kahl 5-1-2-20, C. Hoffman 1-2-1-4, N Thill 2-2-2-6, C. Peterson 1-2-0-4, C. Schneider 0-0-2-0.

THREE-POINTERS C — B. Thompson 3, A. Davis 1, T. Teige 1, G. Scharlau 3, A. Pretasky 1; TL — J. Kahl 3.