Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 1-11-2017

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 – 1-11-2017

October Nominations:

1. Connor Cook for helping to straighten out the gym after the pep assembly.  Connor volunteered his services to help put away the chairs in order to have phy. ed. class start with no disruptions.  Connor’s willingness to help, without being asked, not only ensured that class could start on time, but it demonstrates a great personality trait.  

November Nominations:

2. Tyler Owen and Jeff Schone for doing an amazing job as MC’s of the All School Veterans Day Program.  Also to Stevie Olson for speaking as the high school representative at the program and Allen Croes for reading the explanation of the folding of the flag.  Great job at a very important event!   

3. Marcus Hurtgen – Marcus has been a HUGE help during the elementary keyboarding rotation this semester. He serves as a great role model and doesn’t hesitate to redirect the students when necessary.  

December Nominations:

4. Julieanna Banayai (a 7th grade student) and Alexis Albrecht (an 8th grade student) have done a tremendous job on their independent reading presentations.  They put a lot of effort and time into them and all of their content was spot on. 

5. Spencer Peterson for his willingness to effectively communicate and coordinate (along with his fellow officers) plans for the Senior Class Trip to take place later this school year.

6. I would like to recognize Kassidi Thompson for her great effort and attitude in my Physical Education class. She always have a smile on her face and shows competitiveness in our activities. 

7. Middle School Band AIM Assessment Top 5 Point Leaders – Izzy Draxler, Henry Draxler, Emma Lamb, Brendan Booth, Mali Draxler.  

8. Liz Wink, Kaylie Scalze, Olivia Scalze, Maggie Wallin, Anna Brigham and Taylor Drinkman for giving up their lunch hours for a week to learn music and prepare a concert for the residents of Glenhaven!

January Nominations:

9. Nick Melendrez for getting 100% on his Geometry quiz and Nyah Anderson for getting 102%.  Way to go!

10. Kristine Sina for her independent work habits in Drawing class and for taking on challenging projects that utilize her amazing drawing talent!