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Mounder cross country teams place third at conference meet

By Cara L. Dempski

MONDOVI — The Mounder boys and girls cross country teams both took third place in the Dunn-St. Croix conference meet held at the Valley Golf Course in Mondovi last Thursday, October 13.

The girls scored 75 as senior Elizabeth Fasbender and sophomore Alana Plaszcz finished in the top eight. Freshman phenom Cade Hanson ran to a second-place individual finish to led the Mounder boys who tallied 90 points.

Coach Jeremiah Fredrickson expressed excitement over the runners’ times in Mondovi.

“I think we are peaking at the right time, going into sectionals,” he said. “Most of our runners improved by a minute or more from the last time we ran at Mondovi.”

Fredrickson said the girls ran well, despite the team’s usual third runner, Brook Plaszcz, being unable to finish the race. He also noted that senior Elizabeth Fasbender is coming back into her own after a short break due to tendonitis and sophomore Alana Plaszcz just keeps pushing Fasbender.

Fasbender finished the race in 21:37.4 to take seventh, and Plaszcz was eighth with her 21:50.1 run. Victoria Fasbender completed the race as Elk Mound’s third runner, and took 15th for her 23:04.1 run.

Kristin Martinson and Paige Romanowski were 20th and 25th with times of 23:31.8 and 24:11.4. Freshman Taya Schaefer and sophomore Ciera Lind finished 28th and 31st after running to the finish line in 24:22.3 and 24:31.8.

Claudia Paul was 32nd with a time of 24:54.5, Meredith Hainstock took home a time of 25:27.4 and 36th, and Hannah Hollister was 39th after completing her run in 25:46.2.

Kaylie Solberg and Audrey Westcott were 43rd and 46th with times of 26:04.5 and 26:38.1. Hannah Cynor, Hannah Carlson, Kaitlyn Baier and Mattea Linberg were 49th, 52nd, 53rd and 54th. Cynor ran to a 27:12.1 finish, Carlson ran a 28:00.9 race, Baier finished in 28:04.7, and Linberg finished at 28:07.4.

Glenwood City won the girls team championship beating defending champion Colfax 55 to 63. Vikings’ sophomore runner Erica Kallstrom won the individual title in 20:02.6.

Fredrickson said the boys team went to Mondovi prepared to run, but perhaps no one more so than Cade Hanson.

“I knew he had this kind of race in him, but didn’t know it would come this year,” Fredrickson stated. “I can’t wait to see how he performs at Durand next weekend.”

Hanson’s runner-up finish put him right behind individual boys’ winner junior Wesley Brantner of Durand. Hanson completed the 5,000 meter course in 17:47.9  to finish second to Brantner, who ran the race in 17:38.5.

Nate Schreiber, a junior, and Seth Hazen, a freshman, finished 18th and 19th overall with times of 19:59.9 and 20:09.7. Another freshman, junior combination ran in the fourth and fifth spots. Freshman Andrew Pathos was 24th with a time of 20:14.2, and junior Nate Lind ran a 20:33.7 race to finish 30th.

Matt McLaughlin, Jonas Kohls and Dylan Hanson were 40th, 43rd and 45th with times of 21:18.6, 21:25.3 and 21:36.8, while Jake Johnson, Ryan Mohr and Jared Strand finished in 22:15.2, 22:15.3 and 23:13.4 to take 50th, 51st and 53rd.

Bowdrie Noller and Nate Bechel completed the boys team for Elk Mound. Noller raced to a 23:43.5 finish to take 56th, and Bechel finished 59th with his 23:51.8 run.

The Durand boys, who secured four of the top five finished (1-3-4-5) and five of the first seven, scored only 20 points to literally run away with the conference championship. The lowest possible score in cross country is 15 points.

Fredrickson said, “Overall, I couldn’t have asked the kids to run any harder or better than they did, and I can’t wait to see what they do next weekend.”

The Mounders will turn their attention to the WIAA Division 3 sectional meet in Durand this Saturday, October 22.

TEAM SCORES — BOYS VARSITY: 1. Durand 20, 2. Colfax 70, 3. Elk Mound 90, 4. Spring Valley 95, 5. Boyceville 122, 6. Glenwood City 124.

TEAM SCORES — GIRLS VARSITY: 1. Glenwood City 55, 2. Colfax 63, 3. Elk Mound 75, 4. Boyceville 97, 5. Durand 112, 6. Elmwood/Plum City 128, 7. Spring Valley 161, 8. Mondovi 205.

Middle School

The Elk Mound middle school boys and girls cross country teams also took third place at the Mondovi meet held October 13. The boys earned 77 points as a team, and the girls scored 96.

Luke Lesmeister, a seventh-grade runner, was the first Elk Mound boy to finish the 3200-meter race. He placed 12th after his 15:11.8 run. Brennen Zais, Keagan McRea and Avery Lauer were 15th, 16th and 17th with times of 15:33.3, 15:35.8 and 15:36.7. Luke Hanson ran in the Mounders’ number-five spot. He finished 29th after racing across the finish line in 16:45.3.

Mitchell Hainstock, Walker Banaszak and Jackson Severson completed the Elk Mound boys team in Mondovi.

The Glenwood City boys took home the top team score of 22, and Elmwood/Plum City seventh-grader Patrick Tiffany raced to a win with his 13:42.5 finish.

Seventh-grader Olivia Schreiber was the first Mounder girl to finish the race. She took home fifth place after finishing her race in 15:20.8. Olivia Schindler and Lilly Tanula finished in 17:09.1 and 17:28.3 to take 18th and 21st.

Regan Jenson was 25th with her 17:57.1 effort, and Mercedes Hay crossed the finish line in 18:18.4 to take 30th.

Sidney Wenzel and Lileana Williams also ran as part of the girls team in Mondovi.

The Colfax girls took home first place at the meet after scoring 32. Viking seventh-grader Jasmine Best won the individual race after finishing in 14:47.7.