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Viking girls play in Amery, Baldwin during second week of September matches

By Cara L. Dempski

COLFAX — The Viking girls’ golf team played in matches hosted by Amery and Baldwin-Woodville last week.


The Vikings traveled to the Amery Golf Club on September 13 to play the front nine. The five players who traveled with the team played for a total of 238 strokes to take sixth out of ten teams.

Morgan Schleusner led the scoring for the team, coming in with 55 strokes. She appears to have stayed within one to two strokes of par for most holes. Schleusner’s only hole not within two strokes was the par-four three, where she took seven to sink the ball.

Freshman Abby DeMoe finished the course with 59 strokes on her scorecard, having struggled with multiple holes. She made par on the fifth. Amanda Christianson doubled-up on strokes for both the par-five first and ninth, taking 10 strokes for each. Christianson maintained par or one to two above on the rest of her holes to take 60 strokes overall.

Hannah Yingst and Kaely Rieck each swung for 64 strokes. Both appear to have had difficulty with the par-five sixth hole, where Yingst played for nine strokes, and Rieck picked up 10.


The Colfax girls’ golf team went to Pheasant Hills Golf Course September 16 for a match hosted by Baldwin-Woodville. The team came away with 241 strokes over the back nine and a fourth-place finish against nine other teams.

Schleusner again led the team in scoring, taking 56 strokes to get back to the clubhouse. While she doubled up on the 10th and 18th holes for par, Schleusner remained within one or two strokes of par on the holes between.

Hannah Yingst followed Schleusner by two strokes, playing her nine for a score of 58. Amanda Christianson, Kaely Rieck and Haley Seston completed the varsity team at Pheasant Hills. They played for 63, 64 and 74 strokes respectively and all appear to have struggled with the first and ninth holes.

The Vikings’ junior varsity golf team played a match in Hammond on September 19 and will play another September 21 in Amery.

The varsity team will next match will be in WIAA Division 2 regional play in Spooner on Wednesday, September 28. Sectional play is slated for Hayward on October 4.