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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-14-2016

News for week of September 4th to the 10th

We appreciate Leona, our faithful Sunday visitor for starting our week with her special poems and stories. The residents always look forward to her visits.

Labor Day was busy here at the Big Yellow House, with many families and friends taking the time to visit, while other residents went out to enjoy the beautiful late summer weather with their families.

Tuesday proved to be a busy day, with the women gathering in the Square bright and early to work on our Fall Wreath project. We finished some of them and enjoyed seeing our work displayed in the windows of the Square. Next week we will make more to display throughout the facility. Meanwhile the men enjoyed a video on thrashing and how it was done. Many remembered what hard work it was getting the fall harvest in. The afternoon brought out the Bingo enthusiasts for an hour of our favorite past time. Many went away with goodies to last them the week. Meanwhile, the families of Leroy Reetz and Norbert Martin spent the afternoon gathering to help them celebrate their September 6th birthdays. Later in the afternoon, many residents enjoyed a beverage from our Happy Hour on the Go cart.

Wednesday morning we gathered in the Square for our weekly church service. We appreciate Pastor Tom Hendrickson for taking the time to come and share with us. We all enjoyed his uplifting message. We also appreciate Delores for leading us on the piano in our favorite hymns. Many residents came out in the afternoon to enjoy an hour of great music by one of our favorite entertainers, JC Colby. We enjoy listening to him sing some of our favorite country western songs.

Catholics gathered Thursday morning for Mass in the East Dining Room. We appreciate Father Joe and his assistant Duane for coming to share with us. Meanwhile in the Square it was time for our weekly volleyball tournament. Cathy and Sherri busied themselves coaching this fast pace game. The residents take it quite seriously, and everyone gets lots of exercise. We exercised our brains later in the day as we gathered for our monthly Spelling Bee. Many residents remembered having Spelling Bees in school, and still enjoy testing their brains while spelling the words that Cathy had on her list.

Friday we started out with our weekly rosary led by Loretta. Gospel Sing followed, led by Julie, Glen, Bruce and Delores as the lovely sounds of our favorite hymns echoed throughout the building.  The square was transformed from church into a Bingo hall by the afternoon.  Bingo number after Bingo number was called out and the winnings grew and grew. Fun was had by all that attended and as always we ended the day with coffee, cookies. Later, the residents enjoyed the traveling Happy Hour once again.

Next week proves to be another busy week. We are looking forward to celebrating Colonel Sanders birthday with a special KFC meal, also music by Riverboat Randy and Magic Mary.

Just a note to all, we encourage anyone to come and participate in our daily activities, as we can never have enough friendly faces around. If you would like a schedule of our weekly activities, just drop by and pick one up. And while you’re here, enjoy a cup of coffee and cookie that are always available in our front entrance!

Until next week, 
Barb Stobb, Activity Director