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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-7-2016

Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-7-2016

News for week of August 28th to September 3rd

We began the week as we always do, with a visit from Leona. We truly enjoy her poems and special stories.

Is it the last week in August already? Where did the month go? As far as that goes, where did the summer go? That was the discussion at our Monday morning visits. We all agreed, the summer has been a good one, not too hot, not to cold, and we enjoyed many days outside in the beautiful weather. We will continue to have our cookouts, walks in the courtyards, and games in the gazebo for as long as weather permits. We are enjoying the fruits of our labor in the vegetable gardens. The cherry tomatoes are ripe enough to eat, and the green peppers are almost big enough to pick.

The ladies gathered Monday morning to continue work on our fall crafts. We are working on maple leaf wreaths for everyone to decorate their rooms with. While the ladies worked, the men enjoyed a farming video. Resident Council was held in the afternoon. We reviewed next month’s calendar, and discussed menus for our special meals, music events, and where we would like to go on our Joy Rides for the month. It was agreed that we would like to do a fall pontoon ride. After the meeting we enjoyed coffee and cream puffs.

Tuesday found the ladies being pampered by Cathy as she held Beauty Boutique in the East Lounge. Others gathered in the Square to finish putting together the fall wreaths. Our next project will be scare crows made from brown paper bags. Bingo enthusiasts filled the Square in the afternoon, and all left with bags full of goodies. Thanks again to Michelle and Vonnie for helping us out. Also thanks to Pat who came for a visit and was kind enough to help pass prizes and coffee. Late afternoon found Cathy and her Happy Hour cart distributing our favorite beverages.

The men gathered in the Square early Wednesday morning for our monthly Men’s Breakfast. Chef Andy treated us to Stuffed French Toast with our choice of fruit toppings. It was served with bacon, sausage and beverages. There was not a crumb left on any plates! Pastor Loren Barker from Ridgeland, Hay River Churches joined the list of Wednesday morning ministers who come to share with us. We enjoyed meeting him and listening to his uplifting service. Thank you to Pastor Barker for taking the time to come and share with us. Our afternoon was filled with some of our favorite music as Chuck Kirkwood entertained us with his toe tapping music.

Volleyball was the game of choice for Thursday morning. Many gathered in the Square for an hour of “mean” ball playing. The residents get very competitive, and enjoy this hour of ball toss. Green and Gold Bean Bag Games were held in the Square in the afternoon. Because the Packers played that night, we used our new Packer Bean Bags!

The Catholics gathered on East for our Friday morning rosary group. Thanks to Loretta for leading us. Later in the Square we held Gospel Sing a Long. We love picking out our favorite hymns to sing. Thanks to Glen, Julie, Bruce and Delores for leading us in this hour of music and prayer. As the afternoon temperature warmed up outside, so did the action in the Square as residents came out for Dime Bingo. Many left with a little more jingle in their pockets! Just before supper the “Portable Happy Hour” cart passed through the halls the residents enjoyed a pre-supper beverage from the carts’ vast selection.

Looking to next week, we are looking forward to spending more time outdoors, working on our sewing and craft projects and enjoying an afternoon with music by JC Colby.

Until next week, have a safe and Happy Labor Day. 

Barb Stobb, Activity Director