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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-31-2016

News for week of  August 21st to 27th

We began the week with a visit from Leona. We always enjoy her Sunday visits where she shares favorite stories and poems.

Monday morning found our ladies in the Square where we started a new craft project. We are making stain glass centerpieces by shaving color crayons, placing between wax paper, ironing and framing to make a stain glass box. It was fun seeing what their designs turned into when they were done. When they were done, they looked pretty sitting on the tables. While the women worked, the men enjoyed a video on restoring antique tractors. Monday afternoon found many in the Square to watch an hour of shows from one of our favorite comedians, Lucille Ball and enjoy a summer treat, Dream sickle Floats. Those that could not make it to the Square enjoyed the treats in their rooms.

The women gathered in the Square again on Tuesday morning. This time we worked on sorting and packaging greeting cards. Meanwhile other residents gathered in the gazebo with Cathy for devotions, special readings, and just spending time enjoying the beautiful weather. Bingo in the Square was the afternoon activity. Once again many came to enjoy one of our favorite gatherings. Thanks to Eileen, Vonnie and Michelle for helping us out.

Pastor Walck led us in our Wednesday morning church service. We enjoyed his inspiring message, and always enjoy singing our favorite hymns. We thank him for taking the time to come and share with us. Thanks also to Delores for playing the piano for us. Wednesday afternoon we celebrated the life of Shirley Temple by showing one of her most famous movies, The Little Princess. The residents were treated to popcorn, along with Shirley Temple drinks.

Thursday brought a cooler than normal day, which reminded us that fall wasn’t too far off. Residents gathered in the morning for our weekly volleyball tournament. This activity brings out our competitive side, and all agree it’s a fun way to get some exercise. Bev Ward entertained us in the afternoon. We enjoy her beautiful voice and many sang along to the songs that she played. Later that day, a group of residents headed out to enjoy a pontoon ride on Lake Tainter. t was a lovely, but cool night for a ride, and we were all glad we had jackets. Some residents wished they have brought along their fishing poles, as you could see the fish jumping in the water. Thank you to Anchor Marine for furnishing the handicap accessible pontoon.

Friday morning found the Catholics gathering for our weekly rosary. Thanks again to Loretta for taking the time to lead us. After rosary, it was time for Gospel Sing a Long in the Square. Thanks again to Julie, Glen, Bruce and Delores for sharing their music and special words. Dime Bingo was the activity for the afternoon. Once again many went away with a little more jingle in their pocket. Residents can spend their dimes on treats that on our Gift Cart that goes around to each room several times per week. Before supper, our favorite bartender, Cathy went around with the Happy Hour cart and treated us to some of our favorite beverages.

Some of the activities planned for next week are, Men’s Breakfast, Resident Council, Bean Bag games, and music by one of our favorite entertainers, Chuck Kirkwood.

Until next week, 
Barb Stobb, Activity Director