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“Tank” alive — but still at large

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  —  It has been three long months since Missy Parker’s cat, Tank, got away from her while she was going into the Colfax Animal Hospital.

Since, then Parker has spent countless hours at all hours of the day and night walking around Colfax, looking for her cat, going door to door, talking to people and asking anyone she sees to please keep an eye out for her cat.

Parker also ran an ad in the Colfax Messenger and has posted on Facebook.


Until the Colfax Founder’s Day Main Street Block Party on Saturday, August 6.

During the street dance, friends of the Parker family saw Tank hanging around Cedar Country Cooperative. They were able to pet the cat but could not get a hold of him.

Early Monday morning, Parker posted an update on a Facebook page called “You know you lived in Colfax if …”

The Colfax Messenger placed a call to Parker Monday morning for permission to publish an update on the search for Tank.

Parker said she would be grateful for any help in securing her missing family member.

While there are many feral and unwanted cats around Colfax, Tank is not one of them.

“Not a day goes by that we are not looking for him,” Parker wrote in her post.

“On Saturday, August 6, our awesome friends called letting us know they found Tank! They were at the Founder’s Day street dance, and Tank was just chilling by Cenex. They attempted to grab him but could not catch him. Tank was rubbing up against them, and they were able to pet him but were not able to hang onto him. Tank does not like to be held for too long. Tank started going back and forth from Cenex to behind Karl’s Chevrolet. He also went under the wood fence by the Buck Snort and Cenex on Main Street. So that’s the area where he is hanging around. We were in Michigan and were not able to help catch Tank. So Colfax friends, please pass this along that Tank is still in Colfax and is alive. Please help us catch our boy! We miss him so much, and there is still a reward.”

Parker’s friends were able to take a picture of Tank, lounging on the sidewalk during the street dance.

Parker wrote in her Facebook post that seeing the picture of Tank “just makes our heart melt.”

Tank looks thin but otherwise appears healthy, she said.

Tank is a tan or light buff color, with longer hair, and with white paws. He is neutered as well.

If you see Tank or manage to catch him, you can reach Missy Parker at 715-962-4114 or 715-309-3622.

You can also call the Colfax Animal Hospital at 715-962-3380 or the Colfax Police Department at 715-962-3163.